If there is one Competitive Singer in the entertainment industry then, Dua Lipa takes the first place. Since her hit song New Rules ruled all over the internet, there are very few people who don’t know her.


The two times winner of Brit Awards, Dua lipa has released her another superhit-to-be song, One Kiss. Singer Calvin Harris and Dua have joined together of the song.

[ CAPTION: Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris ][ SOURCE: dodoodad ]

Just after 5 hours of the release of the song in youtube, One Kiss has been viewed by more than 195k viewers.

The song’s lyrics go like this,

One kiss is all it takes
Falling in love with me
I look like all you need

So, Dua is it just one kiss to make you fall in love??? Fans of Dua are getting excited by her song’s lyrics.

Youtube: Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss;

It’s not that wrong to say Calvin is back and better than ever. The song delivers soulful chords, a catchy topline from Dua, a funky, deep bassline and house beat that brings it all together making a song that will take the charts by storm

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