Dylan Baker is one of the sensational names who has been in the movie industry for a long time. Though he is not as great as other artist, however, his importance in the movies has been incredible and mesmerizing. Not coming to the highlight, he is one of the sensational independent artist working for movies, TV series and master in stage performance. Born in the year 1959, October 7 in Syracuse, New York, United States, he has the long presence of his endeavors in the industry. Coming to this far, he has gain huge respect, name, fame and a good amount of financial success including jaw breaking amount of net worth which can literally count his success. Besides, Dylan Baker bio can be taken as a terrific inspirational source for many who want to crave something extraordinary in the similar field.


Born in New York and raised in Virginia, Dylan Baker went to College of Willaim and Mary and graduate from Souther Methodist University in the year 1980. In addition, he received the Master degree in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama. Starting his early career, he has been in the acting sector and theater act from the days when he used to be a teenager.

After all these years being in the industry, Dylan Baker has been successful in making a number of roles very effective. The Wizard of Loneliness, The Last of the Mohicans, Life with Mikey, True Blue, Random Hearts, Head of State, How to Deal, Spider-Man 2, Spider Man-3, Revolutionary Road, The Mentalist, The Americans etc are some of his highly accredited movies. Coming to this far, there is no proper financial record of his salary but his success can be defined with Dylan Baker net worth which are in million dollars.

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Mentioning Dylan Baker marriage, wife and his relationship status, Dylan currently represent himself as happily married man. Though with his talent, he might have won the heart of many women in the past, however, he was in deep love with Dylan Baker wife Becky Gelke. After several years of girlfriend and boyfriend relationship, the pair tied their wedding knot in the year 1990. With all these years of marriage, the couple bonding has been strong enough for not to go for any divorce phase and further separation. Likewise, the happy couple is blessed with one beautiful daughter name Willa.

Coming to Dylan Baker height, weight and his inside information. Unlike others, he is masters of his both personal and professional life and has been living both live in a perfect manner. Though he has the average height, many people inside and outside the industry simply envy his personality and cool attitude. Besides, his marvelous acting skills, people really enjoy his company and some even took him as their idol. Winning the heart of million people with side role and important role in both TV series and movies, words are quite less to describe his immense character. Coming to his body facts, he might stand the height of around 5 feet 6 inch and weight around 70 kg. Dylan Baker is currently running on his late fifties, but his enthusiasm is still like he’s in twenties.