Emily Bustamante is one of the renowned shoe designer, TV personality and actress. Born in the year 1981, February 10th in America. Emily who is also called by several names such as Jonathan Jackson, Fabulous, John Jackson and Fabulous is best known for her TV show Love and Hip Hop airing from number one music channel VH1. Being in the industry for a long time, she has seen in a number of TV and movie work. Coming to this far, she has accomplished number of targets in her life with good name, fame and a huge amount of net worth to live a stylish life.


Emily was born in New York City while she was raised in Virginia. Emily nationality is divided into two parts Puerto Rican and Dominican while Emily ethnicity stands as African American. Being fascinated with the lights of media and TV shows, she has kept most of her early childhood very mysterious. However, we can assume that she has begun her career from either modeling or improvising herself in a number of commercials.


Being recognized in worldwide, she came to rise with reality television star show, Love and Hip Hop. She engaged herself for more than two seasons in the series. Coming to this far, she has established herself as Hip hop artist, Disc Jockey, Songwriter, Rapper, Record producer and business women by her profession. Considering her success, it is easy to say that she has million dollars as her net worth. However, these facts are well disclosed.


Covering her inside information and personal relationship status, she is one of the best hotties in town. Having an hour glass shape body figures and measurement, she served as hot assets and queen of style in town. Emily Bustamante’s height stands as 5 feet 5 inch while her body measurement is unknown but yet looks terrific. Thousands of her fans follow her in her social platforms, some took her as their idol, while some took her as a style icon while some are just attracted to her fabulous and pretty personality while some like to see her in bikini pictures. She looks best while wearing short clothes, showcasing her hot toned sexy legs and feet with high heels. Even at her late thirties, she has managed to look stunning and win everyone’s heart.


Highlighting her romantic love life and affairs status, she is currently living as a single woman. However, there’s no wonder that she might have indulged in several relationships. She was involved in serious boyfriend relationship with his ex-boyfriend Fabulous. The couple started dating from the year 2001 while there’s no information where did they meet for the first time. After years and years of relationship, the couple decided breakup as Emily was in deep love and looking forward to the commitment from Fabulous. While, Fabulous simply refuse the term stating that he’s not ready for it now. The couple divorce or got separate in the year 2010. However, Emily served herself as the mother of son Johan Jackson born in the year 2008 and daughter Taina who just had her 16th birthday celebrated. Besides, Fabulous, she was in another relationship with Michael Vick which ended upon his sentenced to Jail and with Mashonda who reckon himself as hip-hop producer Swiss Beats.