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Date of Birth: 1983 January 0
occupation Anchor , Correspondent, Television presenter
ethnicity Multiracial
religion Christian
place_of_birth United Kingdom

Errol Barnett is an American television presenter and anchor born in the United Kingdom. He is well known for hosting the program Inside Africa where he travels various countries of African continent like Morocco, Madagascar, Senegal, and Ethiopia. Now he presents at CNN International. His step-father Gary Barnett had served in Gulf War.


Barnett was born from Pamela and Michael Christie in Milton Keynes. He took his surname from his second father Gary Barnett, who used to work inside United Stated Air Force. Now the whole family with his older brother had shifted to Arizona. He was born from British mother and Jamaican father. Barnett became a citizen of United States on September 21, 2015. He announced this occasion on CNN.

Barnett was enrolled in University of California, Los Angeles and gained his degree in political sciences in 2008. He focused on international relations while he was at the University of California. CNN International hired him in the same year he graduated but as he was studying in UCLA he had experience of working as a host on Cable Network.



Before studying at UCLA he was working for Channel One News with Gotham Chopra, Maria Menounos, and Seth Doane and he was the youngest at that time than his colleague. He was only 18. Teen People magazine named as one of the twenty teens who will change the world because of his works.  He had covered the major news like 9/11 attacks, Democratic National Convention in 2004 and much more. He was on the team who covered the Barack Obama’s Inauguration.

After being hired by CNN International he covered the death of Robin Williams, Ferguson, Missouri protests and Malaysian airline MH370. He was working as correspondent and anchor for CNN International based in Atlanta, Georgia. He anchored “World Report” and prepare the report about the influence of social networking sites on people in their everyday lives.

Errol also worked as CNN correspondent in Johannesburg where he covered the international blast news like the murder Pistorius murder trial. Barnett also covered the huge occasion like the death of Nelson Mandela were many great world leaders were present. The day was rainy and chilly at that time of the ceremony.



Errol Barnett is not married till date but we will let you know about his updates here. Girls are attracted by his charms and wants to know about him. His photos are available on the internet in large number. You can follow him on his twitter or Facebook and even on his Instagram account. He is enjoying a good amount of salary and already had a good net worth. A fashionable, talented and single guy like him can always draw attention towards him.

During his time in Africa, he covered various strikes that were ongoing in South Africa and the founding of African Union in its diamond jubilee. Lots of people are a supporter of his work and his style.

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