Have you ever wondered why the Hollywood celebrities have such a huge number of relationships? Why can’t they stay in a single relationship? We are still wondering why and again; we are curious about Tina Turner’s marital life with Erwin Bach.


Curiosity is also a curse; don’t you think? Since, we have already raised the question of the singer, Tina Turner’s marital life with Erwin Bach, let’s get on with. And, while we are at it, we will also talk about their children, if they have any. So, let’s get started.

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach: Marital Relationship

If there is a will, there is away. Tina and Erwin loved each other so much that finally, they got to be together after a 27-year-long partnership. 27-year is a long duration. Would you be in love with the same person if it were you?

[ CAPTION: Tina Turner and Erwin Bach ][ SOURCE: Oprah ]

Met at a party in London in 1985, their interest stuck, their hearts stuck and finally, they started dating each other one year after. They could not stay as partners with all the ups and downs of their life. However, after all the hassles, Tina and Erwin tied the knot in July 2013 in a civil ceremony at Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

[ CAPTION: Tina Turner and Erwin Bach Wedding Ceremony ][ SOURCE: Red Carpet Wedding ]

The 8-times Grammys winner is currently living a happily married life with her husband of 61-years. Even though the couple has an age gap of 17-years, they are not a bit worried about their age gap. The singer and executive producer are seen to be living a joyful married life with what they have.  

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach: Children

With their marriage in just the 4th year, they do not seem to have any children of their own. However, Tina Turner and Erwin Bach are seen parenting a total of 4 children, out of which 2 are Tina’s biological children.

[ CAPTION: Tina Turner’s former family ][ SOURCE: Celeb Seek ]

Raymond Craig was the first son of Tina Turner and her former boyfriend, Raymond Hill. Her second son is Ike Ronald Renelle Turner from her first husband, Ike Turner. Besides them, she has also adopted two of Ike Turner’s children.

[ CAPTION: Tina Turner with her son Raymond ][ SOURCE: New Swirl ]

Tina does not have any children with his current husband, Erwin. But, the music executive Erwin, is living happily with his wife and her children happily. One of her sons has already married and has two children and a grandchild of his own. So, that makes Tina and Erwin great-grandparents, doesn’t it?

All in all, the talk about Erwin and Tina has made us believe that you have to believe and one day you will surely get what you want. With Tina believing in herself, she found her love, Erwin at last.

Even though, we are still curious about the marital relationships of the current century, what do you think of Erwin Bach and Tina Turner’s love story?