Ethan Hawke and wife Ryan Hawke are Living happily Together with their Children

September 12, 2018
First published on:November 29, 2017
by prechya

People often say that there is no other love like the first love. But there are some people who can literally prove it wrong. Ethan Hawke, a famous American actor proved that you can find your true love not only once in a lifetime but even after it's once lost.


Yes! the person may change but give yourself a second chance and the fragrance will again appear. Well, every fan though Ethan and his first wife were the perfect match. But who knew that their almost 7 years of marriage was going to end in just a day?

But we don’t have to feel sorry for the actor as he has finally found his true love and living happily with her and the children. For more details, read until the end of this article.

Ethan Hawke’s true love

What is true love actually and what does it mean, when we say that he/she has now met his true love? Well, we cannot guarantee that the pair is going to last forever. But by observing the actions, how they behave with each other and how they feel for one another, we can at least be 80% sure that they will not end up separating.

Similarly, in this case, we can refer to the couple as true lovers because we have often heard about the news where Ethan is seen staring at his wife with love and desire filled eyes, or the couple having a romantic time in places etc. This news shows that the couple has true feelings for each other and are not going to separate what so ever.

[ CAPTION: Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes-Hawke ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Let’s now move on to the actual topic. Ethan Hawke has been married to Ryan Shawhughes-Hawke for nine years now. The couple met in 2004, dated for 4 years and got married on 18th June 2008. They were even seen hitting Oscars 2015 together.

[ CAPTION: Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes-Hawke ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The couple has a pretty complicated past. As we mentioned earlier, the couple actually met in the year 2004, when Ethan was still married to his previous wife. Not only this, but Ryan was actually Ethan’s nanny for their children. surprising right?

Then, they fell for each other which resulted in Ethan and his ex-wife’s divorce. To know more about his ex-wife as well as the children he had with both his wives, scroll down below.

Ethan’s first wife and children

Ethan’s first wife was also an American actress, Uma Thurman. They met in February 1996, dated for over two years and then tied the knot on first of May 1998. After two months of getting married, the couple welcomed their first baby girl on 8th July 1998, Maya Ray. The girl is fully grown and currently is 19 years of age.

 Again after 4 years of the first baby, they welcome their second child Levon Roan, a son who is now 15 years of age. Their son is also fully grown and has almost reached the height of his father. Recently on August 2017, Ethan made a rare appearance with his son at Venice Film Festival.

[ CAPTION: Ethan Hawke with his son ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Well, as Ethan’s kids started to need a nanny, Ryan Shawhughes entered Ethan’s house as a nanny. Soon after that, Ethan started falling for Ryan and filed a divorce with Uma. Ryan and Ethan also together have two children.

The first girl was born on 18th July 2008 and is named Clementine Jane whereas the second daughter was born on 23rd July 2011 and is named Indiana.

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