The Netflix hit series, Stranger Things has changed the personal style and the dream of many child actors and among them, today we have an American actor, Caleb Reginald McLaughlin, who portrayed as Lucas Sinclair in the drama series Stranger Things.


It’s clear that the Stranger Things took the whole world by storm and everyone is murmuring about the show because the show is absolutely amazing, and believe us, the show is definitely worth watching.

And the 15-year-old actor who plays Lucas Sinclair is a new star. So there are lost of people who are unknown about him. Here’s detail information about the young actor.

Every Thing You Need To Know About Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb McLaughlin was born on 13th October 2001 in Carmel, NewYork. He attended Kent Primary School and later on he joined George Fisher Middle School for one year. He also studied dance for a year at Happy Feet Dance School in Carmel, NY. Check out these five facts about the rising star, Caleb McLaughlin.

Caleb McLaughlin- Didn’t dream to be an ACTOR

Caleb parents were always involved in performing and he started acting and dancing at a very young age. But acting wasn’t his dream. He just wanted to be Simba on Boardway just because it looked like so much fun for him.

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Caleb McLaughlin- Self-professed ladies man

We are not sure that Caleb is as much of a ladies man but we know that he did an outstanding job in the role in The New Edition Story. The topic ladies man came from The New Edition Story, where he had to say,

I sing and I dance, but he’s a ladies man, and I’m a ladies man too, but I’m not as slick and smooth as he is. But I became to be more slick and smooth as he is by learning the character.

Caleb McLaughlinCaleb McLaughlin, Source: Dazed

Caleb McLaughlin- Pretty Great Red Carpet Look

Caleb has always been very popular about his own personal style from a very young age. His parents encouraged him to have his own sense of style. And his style inspirator is Russell Westbrook.

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Caleb McLaughlin- Love Video Game

It’s the facts that Caleb love video game and most of the people love Stranger Things. Caleb love video game just because it gives him a chance to experience a different world and he loves hanging out with friends online.

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Caleb McLaughlin- Germaphobe

It’s true that Caleb is a person with an extreme fear of germs and is obsessed with cleanliness. And he revealed this in an interview with