America has always been the land of opportunity, it has always given the opportunity to the people who has got real talent and can push them very hard in order to get success. Accounting the practical scenario, Faze Clan is one of the greatest esports team who has literally shaken the internet after their participation in the gaming industry. The group of youngster founded the group in 2010 and they are like killers for a number of games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops 2 and much more. Starting with the sniping videos of the games, many of the members are a hardcore shooter and helps the huge gaming fans with their tricks and tips to overcome the gameplay.


With the little description of the Faze clan, we should not forget the man behind the great team. Faze Rug is the man behind the marvelous creation of the youtube channel named Faze Clan. Born in the year 1996, November 19 in San Diego, CA, he is also known for his childish behavior and making prank videos and uploading to the youtube. Best known as Faze Rug, his real name is Brian Awadis and he belongs to the parents from Iraq. Accounting his success, he has been excellent in his life and within the teenage years, he has been successful in winning the heart of million people with his talent in video making.

FaZe-Rug (FILEminimizer)

Coming to the youtube platform from his early college days, FaZe Rug later decided to give full time to the Youtube channel and gain huge respect and recognition after he went viral with his Cocaine Prank. The funny prankster and the leader of the Faze Clan group have millions of views on his youtube channel while Faze Clan is one the highly subscribed gaming team in the Youtube history. Under his command and leadership, he has been successful to win the number of leagues and gaming tournament. With his success and young age, we can hope for many extraordinary things from him. The young artist has no proper record of his salary while Faze Rug net worth has already started to take shape. And we strongly believed that it should be in million dollars.

Coming towards Faze Clan height, weight and personal relationship status, Faze is turning himself into a muscular man. Since he is still growing, Faze Clan height and weight might be changed. Besides, he has been blessed with joyful and cheerful nature. Many people simply try to learn his behavior and try to be as cool as he is. Coming towards Faze Rug personal relationship, he has been pretty far away from dating things. Till now, he has not been linked with any girl in her life. Since he is still learning from the life, he might take some extra time to engage himself in the relationship. But the fact is many girls simply love him and has been following him in large basis in his social accounts. You can find his full extracted bio in Faze Clan wiki and other bio-related sites as well.