Scandalmongers are seen to be interested in the life of the Hollywood stars and TV celebs. But, are they also interested in the lives of the directors and producers? Want to know about one of the well-heeled British art-directors, Lindsay Brunnock’s married life?


Lindsay Brunnock married to one of the greatest actors in the Hollywood industry with four Oscar nominations as recorded by the IMDB. He has also made a mark in the TCL Chinese Theatre. Are you curious now? Do you want to know who Lindsay is married to? Or her affairs? Read more to explore more. 

Lindsay Brunnock’s married life

With her career finally getting started at the age of 32, the director met her love while filming for the TV series, ‘Shackelton’. She was introduced by her husbands’, then, girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter.

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Tied the knot as the second wife of the Belfast born actor, they have been living their life happily ever since. The marriage between Lindsay Brunnock and Sir Kenneth Branagh took place in 2003. After a year-long relation, the couple finally got married to each other.

With 5 academy awards nomination and an honorary Doctor of Literature, Lindsay’s dear husband is quite an established Hollywood actor and screenwriter.

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Since their marriage in 2003, there have not been any rumors of them being divorced and having extramarital affairs. The couple has not given birth to a child in their 14 years of relationship.

The couple was recently sighted at the LAX airport as Sir Kenneth held Lindsay’s hand at a fairly rare appearance. All in all, the couple seem happy with one another.

Sir Kenneth’s latest achievements

Recently, the movie of the UK-based art director’s husband, Sir Kenneth Branagh, has earned a whopping $232 million in its 3rd week. The movie “Murder on the Orient Express” was released on November 4th.

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The director has no new sightings but, her husband was also seen making the mark on the TCL Chinese theater for the galaxy of the screen icons. The mark acknowledged him as the new Laurence Olivier. For more details on the British actor, don’t forget to check out his bio.

Lindsay Mini-bio

Born in 1970 in Cambridgeshire, England, Lindsay Antonio Brunnock is one of the greatest British film art directors, the industry has ever seen. Born to a very wealthy businessman, James Brunnock and his wife Margaret Brunnock, Lindsay started her filming career with the TV show, ‘Shackleton’.

In most of her starters, she has worked as a standby art director and in some of her movies, she has also worked as an assistant designer.

Besides, being a successful filming art director, the Capricorn Woman also has a prosperous married life. With no affairs and no rumors, the couple seems to be living a happy life, ever since their marriage.