One of the World’s Most Dangerous Band, Gun N’ Roses Band is back again and we are very proud to see the band live, even today and their performance are still fantastic as it used to be in the late 90s.


An American Hard Rock band, Guns N’ Roses was formed in 1985. The band has released its six albums and the albums are considered one of the world’s bestselling brands of all times so let’s know some more surprising facts about Gun N’ Brand.

Five Shocking Facts about Guns N’ Roses

Gun N’ Rock was formed by Rose’s band, Hollywood Rose, and Tracii Guns’s band, L.A. Guns so the name Guns N’ Roses formed by combining the two names- Gun N’ Roses. The band’s debut album Appetite for Destruction was released 21st July 987 and the album underwent an artwork change after Robert Williams design the original cover.

Guns N’ Roses- Used to be called Hollywood Rose

Gun N’ Rock used to call Hollywood Rose which was an American hard rock group and eventually becomes Guns N’ Roses. Hollywood Rose songs were included on the Guns N’ Roses albums just like: Like a Suicide, Live From the Jungle, Appetite for Destruction and G N’ R Lies.

Hollywood RoseGun N’ Rose used to call Hollywood Rose, Source: AllMusic

The group was first founded by Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, and Chris Weber. The group was reformed in 1989 by Chris Weber in 1989 and signed to Summa Music Group.

Gun N’ Roses- Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Hollywood Rose singer Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin and L.A Guns lead guitarist Tracii Guns, bassist Ole Beich and drummer Rob Gardner, is the result of being comprised of members of two L.A. bands.

Gun N' RoseGun N’ Rose, Source:

 The L.A. Guns members of the band to leave. And soon after Duff McKagan replaced Ole Beich, Slash replaced Guns.

Gun N’ Rose- 22 Change in One Band

The time the band started, they changed their original lineup 22 times. Yes, 22 timed the original band consists of Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Steve Adl.

Gun N’ Roses- The ten-year song

You might get shocked by yourself by the fact that Gun N’ Rose work on a song for 10 years. Normally if the band want then they can write a song in 5 minutes but they took 10 years to complete the song. The song is November Rain and the huge hit of the band was completed in 10 years by Axl Rose.

Youtube: Guns N’ Roses – November Rain


Guns N’ Roses’ “Estranged” is the fifth-most expensive music

Guns N’ Roses were no strangers to spending huge sums of money to realize their vision. Estranged is one of the nonsensical conclusion to a trilogy of the video. It is sixth most expensive music videos with the production cost of $4,000,000.