An American singer and actress, Becky G is the singer of bubbly hit “Shower”, “Can’t Stop Dancing” which is positioned for her main success. And if she continues hitting the milestone than within a few months she would be the next rising starlet to skyrocket out of obscurity.

The 17-year-old singer, Rebbeca Marie Gomez is better known by her stage name, Becky G. And if in any case, you haven’t heard about singer Becky G or Rebbeca Marie Gomez, then it’s time to listen up. Check out five interesting facts about Becky G.

Five Interesting Facts about Becky G

Becky G was born on March 2, 1997, as Rebbeca Marie Gomez in California, U.S. She appeared in the short film EI Tuux as Claudia Gomez.

She became the member of a girl group name G.L.A.M in 2009 and after some year, she joined B.C.G. After joining the group, she created a YouTube account and started recording herself singing and rapping songs using Garageband.

Becky G- Mid-life crisis sparked her music career

Becky G claims that she had a mid-life crisis when she was 9 years old and that promoted her to decide what she wanted to do in her life.

Becky GBecky G, Source: Billboard

When she was 9 years old, her family were financially struggling and at that time she wanted to try her luck in music and soon after 2 years, she honed in on her rapping skill.

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Becky G- Known for her GAP

You might be wondering about the GAP? Well, the Gap which we are talking about is none other than her signature tooth gap. Yes, it’s true that she is also known for her tooth gap.

Becky G is also known for her teeth gapBecky G is also known for her teeth gap, Source:

She doesn’t care what the haters talk about her she just loves what her followers (fans) say about her tooth gap.

Becky G- Doesn’t have her Driving License

Becky G knows how to drive but she may be 20 without a driving license but she’s okay with her. She doesn’t mind having her mother drive around her.

Becky G doesn't have her driving licenseBecky G doesn’t have her driving license, Source:

Becky G- The first LGBT Protagonist in Superhero movie

Becky G’s character Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger is the 1st LGBT protagonist in the big-budget superhero movie. There is a scene in the film where she says she’s having “girlfriend problem” instead of “boyfriend problems.”

Becky G- The first LGBT Protagonist in Superhero movieBecky G- The first LGBT Protagonist in Superhero movie, Source: EVI News

Becky G- Has a phobia of bugs

Although Becky is fearless in pursuing her career she is absolutely afraid of bugs, especially spider, and beetles.

So, Here are some interesting facts about Becky G.