Tibetan dog breed which was originally found in the nomadic culture of China, India, and Tibet, Tibetian Mastiff is one of the largest dog breeds on the planet. Tibetan Mastiff is fiercely protective of their family and yet very independent.


They are also one of the most patient, devoted, and are loyal toward their masters. Would you like to afford a million dollar for the Tibetan Mastiff? If you are thinking then here are some interesting facts about the Tibetan Mastiff which definitely makes then a magnificent breed. Just stick with us.

Five Facts You Need To Know about Tibetan Mastiff

In Tibetan, Tibetan Mastiff is known as Drog-Khyi which just means nomad dog. The names reflect the fact that the dog is born as a guardian. The dog is also best known for its work as a door guard, home guard, dog which may be kept and a dog that may be tied.

Tibetan Mastiff- The Best Guard

Tibetan Mastiff is very loyal to their owners and the kid in the family. But guest should be careful when they are in the house because, as it is said that they are a very best guard dog, they might not be friendly with unknown faces and other pets.

Tibetan Mastiff- The Best GuardTibetan Mastiff- The Best Guard source: Dog Breed Atlas

Red Tibetan Mastiff- Most Expensive Dog

Red Tibetan Mastiff secured the top position on the list of the most expensive dogs with a market price of 1.5 million dollars. They are also named as Big Splash or Hong Dong.

Red Tibetan Mastiff- Most Expensive DogRed Tibetan Mastiff- Most Expensive Dog     Source: Alux.com

If you are thinking of buying the dog then you will require a big house for the dog as it is believed to grow as big as a rugby player.

Tibetan Mastiff- The Huge Dog Breed

You believe or not, the Tibetan Mastiff is one of the largest breeds on the planet, who are weighted up to 130kg with a height of more than 80 cm. And the heaviest Tibetan Mastiff weighed in at over a staggering 20 stone.

Tibetan Mastiff- The Huge Dog BreedTibetan Mastiff- The Huge Dog Breed    Source: mindenegyben.com

Tibetan Mastiff- Live For 14 years

Yes, it’s true that the Tibetan Mastiff can live for up to 14 years and they have very few genetic health problems and this might be plus point for its owner.

Youtube: Five Things You Should Know about The Giant Tibetan Mastiff | Nomad Dog

Tibetan Mastiff- Don’t Like to be out in the dark

Tibetan Mastiff is a little bit authoritative in nature and their owners dare not leave him outside the house just because they won’t let him and the neighbors sleep by constantly barking all night.

Tibetan Mastiff- Don't Like to be out in the darkTibetan Mastiff- Don’t Like to be out in the dark      Source: Pinterest

This is all about The Giant Tibetan Mastiff. If you know some different than these facts then you can add your comment below. Soon we will be back with other surprising facts. Till then keep supporting.