Flavor Flav is a $9 million net worth man! Evaluations of his Income Source and Property Right Here!

December 5, 2017 by roshan

Will you be fit and healthy when you reach the age of 58 years? Will anyone be able to earn enough cash at that age? Flavor Flav is 58 and is still running, dancing and rapping; Do you even believe this?

Flavor Flav is a $9 million man. If you want to know more about his real net worth, then stay still. Continue reading for the real deal.

Flavor Flav is Net Worth

William Jonathan Drayton Jr, famously known with the stage alias Flavor Flav, has a whole total of $9 million as reported by the Richest Magazine. According to the tabloid, the second rapper and the founder of the of Public Enemy earned $100k from Flavor of Love. Also, it is found that the hype-man earned $50k and $25k for the show, Strange Love, and The Surreal Life.

 Bridgette Nielson with Flavor Flav

In the 1st month of the release of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, they sold a whopping 500k copy without any effort. The same album is also paperbacked by Christopher R. Weingarten and has a price tag of $11.05 on Amazon. The musician has been earning from the royalties of the same album as it has been released several times in Digital, Cassette and CD formats.

 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

We almost forgot about his golden teeth. The rapper has gold inscribed in all of his teeth. The golden dental crowns cost at least $800. And, the rapper has them crowned on all of his teeth.

Flavour Flav Golden Crown

He also opened up a restaurant with his chicken recipe called Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken. But, this restaurant was not that successful and had to close down for loss.

Flavor Flav Fried Chicken 

Flavor Flav and Chuck D

Recently, the 58-year old rapper sued the co-founder of Public Enemy, Chuck D for violating the rules to gain extra income from royalties and other revenues. It is heard that the rapper has filed a $75k fee for the album he had not even heard of. He also filed a case against Gary G-Wiz for making a deal to manufacture Public Enemy action figures without any prior information.

 Flavor Flav and Chuck D

Even though the rapper has crossed half a century in his life, he is still trying to earn more and more. As the old people say, “You do not ever get enough”, he also seems to want more.

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