A well-known figure in the world of Television, Christie Brimberry is an assistant and office manager to the owner of the garage Richard Rawlings. The lady with golden hair from America, Christie Brimberry has taken the social media through her striking smart look even at the age of 45.


Here is the detail information about the managerial skilled lady, Christie’s net worth, husband, and children. Just stick with us.

Things You Need To Know about Christie Brimberry

Christie Brimberry was born on 20th March 1972, in the US. A very well-known television personality, Christie started out as a manager, and then, later on, she joined Gas Monkey Garage crew. She gained hugged popularity through social media. She has more than 260k followers on Instagram.

Who is Christie Brimberry’s husband?

Most of the popular personality share everything about their life but this television personality; Christie did not share much information about her husband. Christie is married to Daren Brimberry. He is a hair stylist and also the co-owner of Dallas which is The Salon and Craft &Co.

[ CAPTION: Daren Brimberry with his wife Christie Brimberry ][ SOURCE: Eceleb-Gossip ]

Until 2016, there was no information about Christie, and then after 2016, she brought it out through social media.

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Christie Brimberry- Mother of six children

However, this fact is not yet confirmed but it is rumored that Christina is the mother of six children. Only a few of other sites revealed that she has a sound family life with her six children.

[ CAPTION: Christie Brimberry ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Christie Brimberry is a social being

Yes, it’s true that the popular personality, Christie is a social being. To make her inner soul happy she involves herself in helping other people. She is also involved in charity, and she contributed donations to child organization.

[ CAPTION: Christie Brimberry ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Christie Brimberry started out joining the Gas Monkey

This reality star began her career as a television star by joining the Gas Monkey Garage in Texas and now rules the reality TV show Fast N’ Loud.

[ CAPTION: Christie Brimberry ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

After Christie was hired by the stars of the TV show, Richard Rawlings, and Aron Kaufman, she achieved a huge success in her life.

Christie Brimberry Net Worth, Salary, Income, Earning

Christie earns a good sum of money in her career. With more than 260 k followers on Instagram, she has gained huge popularity in social media. Her co-stars made a fortune from the show, and her salary from the show is $200 thousand.

[ CAPTION: Christie Brimberry ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Allocating information from several sources it is found out that Christie has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million apart from the vintage cars and exotic that she has.