Fredric Wood “Fred” Barnes is one of the famous name when it comes about politics and commentary. Born on the year 1943, February 1 he is best reckon as journalist, host, reporter, and political commentator and TV media personality by profession. Making his presence in the industry from a very long time, he is best reckon as executive editor of news publication of The Weekly Standard. Besides, he is recognize with his regular appearances in Special Report with Bret Baier, and The Beltway Boys. Coming to this far, he is now considered as one of the successful political journalist with huge name fame and jaw breaking amount of net worth.


Born and raised in Virginia, Fred Barnes has represent himself as the son of Air Force Officer. Being keen in the media field from the very early age, he graduated from St. Stephens School based in Alexandria in the year 1960. During his early life, he has the record of serving U.S. Army for two years. In addition, he later again graduated from University of Virginia and majored in history. He also serve as Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.

Accounting his professional career, Fred Barnes spent several years gaining and learning things in The Charleston News and Courier. He later transformed himself to Washington Star as a reporter in 1979. During his successful endeavors in number of networks, he has successfully covered up several news and show. He was one of the active panelists of President Ronald Regan. Likewise, he was also there in the 1984 debate presidential campaign. Besides, he has also led his hands in Hollywood industry and has endeavors many suitable role. He can be seen in Dave, Getting Away with Murder and Independence Day. Though his actual salary and Fred Barnes net worth is well hidden, you can find his extracted bio in wiki and other bio related sites.

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Moving to personal life section and other little information about him, Fred Barnes has been pretty excellent all his life. Looking best at suit and tie, he has the best commentary style in the town. Being followed by huge numbers in social media sites, he has average kind of body. But people still wonder about his body when he was in his twenty’s. Besides, many people took him as their idol and praise him like a god. There is no proper record of this man actual height and body facts. But we can surely assume that he might have the height of around 5 feet 8 inch tall.

Covering Fred marriage relationship, dating history and other information, there is no doubt that this man has been pretty romantic all his life. However these things are well settled in the past. Even at this age, Fred Barnes has not been linked with any girl. Fred personal bio is completely hidden from the media and audience. In regards it’s pretty hard to say whether he is a married man or not. Besides, his silent behavior has open the gate for many rumors. The rumors believed that he is gay or lesbian however he has not stated anything about his sexual preferences. Similarly, there is no news about his children and divorce things.