Quick Facts Georganne LaPiere

  • NameGeorganne LaPiere
  • Birth NameGeorganne LaPiere
  • Birth Year1951
  • Birth month9
  • FatherGilbert Hartmann LaPiere
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Net Worth$100,000
  • Married to Ed Bartylak

Georganne LaPiere, the younger half-sister of singer and actress Cher, was also a soap actress and appeared in several popular shows including General Hospital. Despite being half-sisters, Georganne and Cher grew up together under the same roof and shared a mother.

Following the recent news of their mother Georgia Holt’s passing, there has been increased interest in Georganne’s life and career as a soap actress. While she may not have reached the same level of fame as her sister, Georganne has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and is remembered fondly by fans of her work.

Georganne Lapierre: Early Life and Family Background

Georganne Lapierre was born in 1951 in Los Angeles, California, under the birth name Georganne Elizabeth Southall. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality. Her mother’s name is Georgia Holt, and her father’s name is Gilbert Hartmann LaPierre. Georganne has a half-sister, Cher, but does not have any brothers.

Georganne with her colleagues during her early life
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Despite information being available about Georganne’s personal life, there is no information publicly available regarding her educational background. It is unclear which schools she attended or if she pursued any higher education. Her career as a soap actress and appearances on various popular shows have been well documented, but little is known about her formal education.

While her educational background remains a mystery, Georganne Lapiere’s career and contributions to the entertainment industry are noteworthy. Despite being overshadowed by her half-sister Cher’s success, Georganne made a name for herself as a soap actress and appeared on several popular shows. Her work has been celebrated by fans of the soap opera genre and continues to be remembered fondly.

From Hollywood to Happily Ever After: Georganne LaPiere’s Love Story and Life Beyond Acting

Georganne LaPiere has been married twice. Her first husband was actor Michael Madsen, and they were together for four years before divorcing in 1988. She has been happily married to her current husband, Edward John Bartylak, since 1990. The couple moved to Las Vegas to pursue Bartylak’s dream of becoming a firefighter, which ultimately led to the end of LaPiere’s acting career.

Lapierre in front of a crowd on stage
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According to LaPierre, she and Bartylak eventually returned to Los Angeles, where he continued his firefighting career, but by then she had been out of the acting business for so long that it seemed too difficult to rebuild her career in her early forties. In an interview with Greg In Hollywood, she stated that the move to Las Vegas for her husband’s career was a mutual decision, and she had no regrets about leaving acting behind.

Although she may have left the entertainment industry behind, Georganne LaPiere has continued to live a fulfilling life with her husband, and the couple appears to be happily married after more than 30 years together. Despite her brief time in the spotlight as a soap actress, LaPierre has managed to maintain a sense of privacy and is not often in the public eye.

Georganne LaPiere’s Estimated Net Worth and Financial Success

Georganne LaPiere, the talented actress who captivated audiences during her time in the entertainment industry, has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $100 thousand. While her salary remains undisclosed, LaPiere’s financial success can be attributed to her notable career and various endeavors.

Throughout her acting journey, Georganne LaPiere graced the screens with her remarkable talent, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Although her net worth may not be in the millions like some of her peers, it is a testament to her dedication and contributions as an actress.

Despite transitioning away from the limelight and focusing on her personal life, LaPiere’s net worth demonstrates the value of her past accomplishments and the financial stability she has achieved over the years.

A Sisterly Bond: Georganne LaPiere and Cher’s Collaborative Journey

The bond between Georganne LaPiere and her sister Cher is not only strong but has also led to incredible experiences throughout their lives. In 2013, they joined forces to create the captivating Lifetime documentary “Dear Mom, Love Cher,” which beautifully portrayed the fascinating life story of their mother, Georgia Holt.

Sister’s back with the show
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Georganne cherishes the closeness she shares with Cher, attributing it to their upbringing as the only two daughters in the family. Reflecting on their relationship, she expressed, “I am sure that comes from it just being us three girls growing up (Mom and us!).” Their shared experiences and sisterly connection have played a significant role in shaping their lives and forging a deep bond between them.

As Georganne divulged in an interview with Greg In Hollywood, being Cher’s sister has brought about remarkable opportunities and adventures. Thanks to their close relationship, Georganne has had the privilege of embarking on incredible journeys, traversing vast corners of the world. In fact, she even met her husband through Cher, a serendipitous connection that adds another layer of gratitude toward her sister. Georganne’s life has been truly extraordinary, intertwined with Cher’s in countless ways, and she attributes much of her amazing journey to their unbreakable sisterly bond.