Gina Wendkos is one of the silent names that has been working behind the scene and has been successful in providing a number of creative works. Born in the year 1954, October 2 in Florence, Italy, she represents herself as American Writer, theater director, and screenwriter by profession. Making her presence in the industry from the very early age, there are countless of creative and successful play in her name. Coming to this far, she has been excellence in providing marvelous play, while Gina success can be measure through her financial figure. Gina is best to reckon for her writing role in various movies and series such as Wiseguy, Hooperman, My Two Dads, Sugar and Spice and much more.


Born in Italy, Gina Wendkos grew up in Miami Beach and New York City and represent herself as the daughter of a painter. Having similar working environment and a touch of arts, she continued the family line and obtain the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Painting in the year 1970’s. Moving towards the next phase of arts, she started to crave her path in the theater arts. Settling down in Los Angeles in the year 1987, a number of successful movies and TV series are listed on her name.

Accounting her professional career, Wiseguy, Hooperman, My Two Dads, Sugar and Spice, The Man in the Family, Love Crash, Coyote Ugly, The Princess Diaries, The Perfect Man are some of her huge movie and TV credits. Being in the industry for a long time, she has been financially sound, however, these things have not been disclosed. But with all these years of presence, Gina Wendkos net worth might stand in million dollars.

Concerning about Gina Wendkos height, weight, and utmost character, there is no doubt that Gina has been blessed with both beauty and brain. Serving as masters in both professional and personal life, she has been admired by many people in the industry. Though she has hardly shown herself on-screen, she has fine hot sexy legs and feet which are quite hard to resist. The fun loving person has tons of pictures enjoying the beach with bikini wearing. With her intellectual personality, many people simply wonder about her body measurement and perfect looking figure. Though she has been successful in hiding most of her figures, Gina Wendkos height stands as 5 feet 9 inch and has the weight of around 65kg. Being natural all her life, there is no record of Gina going for plastic surgery and enhancing her beauty. Regarding Gina age, she is currently running on her mid-forties but due to her healthy habits, she is quite far away from aging things.

Covering Gina Wendkos husband, marital relationship, and children news, there is no wonder that the beauty with a brain has been favorite of many males out there. Likewise, she might have involved herself in lots of relationship in the past. But keeping this thing in the past, she has been successful in hiding most of her private life information. With this statement, it’s quite hard to say whether she is married women or still living single. According to her age, she might have been married and contain two, three children back home, but none of this information has available for their fans.