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Noelle Watters married Jesse Watters. Know about their married life and kids

A great marriage isn’t something that just happens, it is something that must be created and this romantic couple Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters had created their beautiful love affair into a successful marriage.

An American critic on the Fox News Channel Jesse is living a happily married life with his wife Noelle and the duo is blessed with two children. So let’s know more about the romantic married life of Jesse and Noelle and further more about their children.

Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters: A Happily Married Couple

The host of Fox News Noelle is married to the critic on Fox News Jesse Watters in 2009. They tied a knot in private place which was attended by their relatives and close friends.

Though their fans know that they are married but do you know for how long they dated each other? Well, it is not detailly mentioned where and how the couple first met but it is the duo was reportedly dated each other for a long period of time and in 2009 and formally became husband and wife.

Noelle Watters and her husband Jesse Watters, Source:

Noelle Watters and her husband Jesse Watters. Source:

The couple has proven that love, trust, and understanding really are the ingredients for a successful marriage; living happily married life without any rumor of divorce. And now, the couple is living a happily married life with their twin daughter.

Noelle and Jesse’s Twin Daughter

After a couple of year of Noelle and her husband’s marriage, they are blessed with twin daughter named Elli Watters and Sophie Watters.

Noelle Watter and Jesse Watters twin daughter

Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters twin daughter, Source: married wiki

They really love their children. Let’s watch this video.

Noelle and Jesse are living a happily married with their twin daughter. They really are enjoying a luxurious life. So, let’s know how Jesse is able to handle all the expenses of the family, let’s know his net worth.

Jesse Net Worth

The most famous television personality who is able to earn name, fame, and money as he’s able to get success in his career and today he is a very famous face as a host of his own show Walter’s World on American television.

Jesses Watters

Jesses Watters, Source:

We all are well known about the professional life of Jesse. He is very talented and popular personality, who has earned a lavish lifestyle, but have you ever think, what might be his net worth?

Jesse Watter

Jesse Watters, Source:

Well talking about his net worth, he has the estimated net worth of over $1 million dollars. Though he had not yet revealed his salary. But we think that his salary is more than his net worth so he might be hiding from the media.

We are pretty sure that he definitely earns a handsome salary to live a lavish lifestyle. We wish him all the very best for both his personal life and his professional life.

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Stevie Ryan found Dead by Hanging

Suicide is man’s way of telling God, ‘You can’t fire me – I quit.’

Likewise, an American actress and YouTube Personality, Stevie Kathleen Ryan died hanging inside her house. That was her quit.

On July 1, she was found hanging dead in her room, it was an apparent suicide. Stevie committed suicide just a day after she tweeted a picture of her dead grandfather with a condolence. She expressed how much she missed him and loved him.

Twitter: Stevie’s last tweet;

The gorgeous actress, who got into lime light from her videos in YouTube page Little Loca was a serious patient of depression. She struggled a lot due to depression, and sadly, she quit her life.

Stevie’s ex-boyfriend Drake Bell Tweet

After the news of Stevie’s suicidal death, her ex-boyfriend Drake Bell tweeted not believing the news. His twitter is now filled with condolence for his ex-girlfriend.

Stevie and her ex-boyfriend dated each other for like a year in 2005. Though the couple broke up after a year, they still was good friends.

Stevie Ryan with her ex-boyfriend Drake Bell.

Stevie Ryan with her ex-boyfriend Drake Bell.u

Sad death of Stevie has shocked all her fans and friends. Rest In Peace Stevie.

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Google smart contact Lens that Measure Glucose Level

Google introducing smart contact lens lets Diabetics Measure their Glucose Levels

As we all know that Google is without any doubt a full-blown hardware company, but recently Google has announced about a new project "smart contact lens" that helps diabetics to measure their glucose levels. This recent Google X project is different than those of their previous projects.

Google lense

Company while it's announcement also unveils the secret behind how it works. These contact lens uses tiny wireless chip which is embedded in between two soft layers of lens material and a miniaturized glucose sensor. Those chips and sensor helps to measure glucose level with the help of wearer's tears. The company says it is currently testing prototypes of this contact lens and also working with FDA for production of real products of those prototypes. These lenses are not actually the miniaturized version of glass because these are for those diabetics who are faded up with the painful testing methods like testing blood droplets, pricking a finger tips multiple of times in a day because glucose levels change frequently with normal activity like exercising or eating or even sweating.

According to Google, the sensor fitted in the lens take about a reading per second which works with the tiny LED light in the lens that warns the wearer when their glucose level crosses than a set threshold. Those sensors are so tiny that they look like a bit of "Glitter". Google wants this lens to act as an early warning device for diabetics. As today diabetes is growing so fast among people that in a survey it has been found that, it affects one in every 19 people over the world.  Uncontrolled blood sugar causes huge risk in life and leads to lots of dangerous complications which can either be some short-term as well as longer term, including damage to the kidneys, heart and eyes.

While this is new view for Google, the idea of a contact lens for specifically measuring glucose levels whereas it is not new at all for Microsoft and the University of Washington worked on a similar project previously in 2011. Co-creator Babek Parviz and fellow co-founder Brian Otis were at the University of Washington and has contributed to that project as well. The company wants partners to develop these lenses and also build apps to make the measurements available to wearer and their doctor. Still there is dilemma, whether this lens will work according in the planned way but it is sure that it is one of the good projects of Google. Google has tried to solve a long-standing medical problem “Diabetes” There's no word on when this lens might be a reality, or even if it'll work as planned, but it's good to see Google using its engineering prowess to try and solve a long-standing medical problem.

This lens will be the huge help for those people who are fighting with the numbers of problem caused by the diabetes. As this will help to indicate and warn them about their glucose levels. So, diabetics can get rid of those painful traditional methods of checking glucose level every day. Let’s hope this new concept of Google may get the huge market over the world. And, soon it will be bringing this technology in market by finding the right partners to cope up with.