Ellen, I am…. mm…I gotta little crush on Frances. And this is how Dwayne Johnson shared his feeling towards actress, Frances McDormand on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s quite sweet, father of two daughters and a daughter to be, Dwayne has a major crush on Golden Globe winner.


Dwayne revealed he holds a special place in his heart towards Frances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last night on Tuesday.

In the interview, he explained Frances’ interaction with Dwanye’s daughter, Simone Alexander Johnson after her Golden Globe-winning speech made her Dwanye’s crush.

Youtube: Dwayne Johnson has a crush on Frances, and wants to marry her;

The elder daughter of Dwayne, Simone is a Golden Globe Ambassador and had a job to usher the winners off stage. And Frances’ act before and after the speech towards Simone blew Dwayne.

After those beautiful gestures of Frances, Dwayne became the fan of her.

Dwayne said,

Frances, we’re gonna have to exchange numbers because—just between you and I, I know no one else is watching—we’re gonna get married.

Dwayne is expecting a baby girl from her girlfriend, Lauren Hashian soon.

Best Wishes to Dwayne and his upcoming baby. Also his crush life with Frances.