The front sports news presenter for Sky Sports News and MUTV, Hayley McQueen nowhere near looks like a news presenter. With her beautiful face and almost perfect figure, she can be mistaken for a model.


So this might be how her boyfriend, Kirk Newmann a German model started dating McQueen. Let’s find out if the news presenter and the model are married or not?

Haley McQueen Moved Together with Kirk Newmann

Being the daughter of former Scottish legend and Manchester United player Gordon McQueen, many people credit her dad for Haley having a successful career but do not be mistaken.

When you are born in Scotland and your father is a football player, you are bound to get attracted to the sport.

She is also aware of that. Here is what she has to say.

People call me daughter of so and so. People always love to throw the nepotism card. My dad obviously provided me with years of entertainment of other players playing football.

So her dad might have some hand in helping with the knowledge required in football, but it is not fair at all to say that. Haley McQueen started her career on her own, initially in a separate chat show, apart from her dad’s company.

Later she worked as a sports broadcaster of SSN for seven years and she has been entertaining sports enthusiasts with her lovely British accent ever since.

Enough about her career, let’s talk about her private life. Haley and her model boyfriend, Kirk Newmann have been dating for more than two years now. When the news of their relationship came out, thousands of hearts broke to pieces.

And she does not have just a few fans. Haley proudly boasts almost 140k fans on Instagram. We can gather, she is quite a recognizable image in the field of sports journalism.

It is not that she won RTS award like this. Haley puts her heart and effort into her work. Moreover, she also featured cover last November on Luxe magazine.

On the other hand, her beau Kirk has more Instagram followers, almost 260k. So Kirk is also quite popular in the modeling industry. 

Haley and Kirk are like the pair made in heaven. Both seem to be madly in love with each other but have they tied the knot? Negative. There is no news of both tying the knot in the immediate future, no rumors even.


However, they took a big step to move in together earlier this year. Probably they both got tired of moving back and forth to spend time with each other.

So Haley McQueen and Kirk Newmann moved together in February in a home in London and they even had a pair of a white cup with their name printed, waiting for them at their new home.

Aww! So sweet. Now that many celebrities prefer the live-in relationship to marriage since many believe and it has been proved that couples who live-in together are happier than a married couple.

We are guessing they are happy with them living together at the moment. So their fans have to wait for the big news. 

Hayley and her Boyfriend, Newmann Recently Celebrated Their Second Anniversary

Whenever they get some free time, they enjoy going places as the couple is seen traveling different places every now and then. Guess they both are an adventure lover.

No doubt Haley and Kirk make an awesome couple despite coming from completely different professions. Earlier Hayley also shared pictures of them spending holidays.

Like this one when they were enjoying their time in Italy.

The smart and fabulous sports reporter events planned adventure earlier for the year 2017 too, away from her homes and family.

And they did not forget their anniversary. This November they celebrated their second anniversary together. Happy second anniversary to both of you.

And the lovely couple again celebrated their second anniversary together, this time lavishly at Cliveden House, enjoying an outdoor jacuzzi.

This is them celebrating their first anniversary on November 28th last year too.

How could they miss Christmas? The gorgeous blonde and the handsome bloke always make time for each other. The duo recently celebrated the holiday together in their first home that they own.

Not only with his girlfriend, Kirk Newmann also spends time with the McQueen family. Apparently, McQueen family also love him and even have welcomed him into their family.  

Recently Hayley McQueen became the ambassador of the UK’s largest sports charity football foundation.