Heidi Montag is seven months pregnant with her first child.

With few weeks remaining for her pregnancy, Montag showed off her huge baby bump in the photo on August which she shared on her Instagram page. After being married for about eight years with her husband Spencer Pratt, the reality star is expecting the first child with him due October.

Heidi Montag workouts Heidi Montag workouts

The Hills alum displayed her immense baby bump during her workouts as she previously revealed that she had gained 25 pounds in the sixth months of her pregnancy. Montag was dressed up in a black tube bra and pink shorts showing off her baby bump.

Heidi Montag had even shared the pictures of her workouts recently some days ago. She is regularly doing workouts with classes from the instructor and her husband helping her.

The 30-year-old reality star is more focused on her growing weight and is taking the proper nutritional diet.

She and her husband Pratt has recently gone on a babymoon in Hawaii. She had even shared a photo with her husband under the rainbow on her Instagram.


According to her, she wished her first child be male but hopes of having a daughter in future. The due date of her pregnancy is October 19.

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