Henry Laufer is an American mathematician, investor, philanthropist, and was Vice President at Renaissance Technologies LLC; an investment management company using mathematical and statistical methods.

Henry Laufer Early life and Education

Henry was born as Henry B. Laufer in 1945. He completed an undergraduate degree at the City College of New York and earned MA and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University.

Later, he taught at Princeton from 1968 to 1971 and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1966 to 1968 and joined as a faculty member in the mathematics department at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, in 1971.

Henry Laufer Career

Laufer main focus was on complex variables and algebraic topology after joining the State University, but he left to join the leadership team at Renaissance Technologies, in 1992.

He worked as a chief scientist and vice president of research and involved in formulation the firm’s trading strategy and computer algorithms, until he took retirement, in 2009.

Henry in Stony Brook University

Henry’s work helped on the development of model-based trading strategies which revolutionized in investment strategies around the globe. Additionally, he is a member of Stony Brook’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center as well as a trustee and member of the Investment Committee of the Stony Brook Foundation.

Henry Laufer Personal life

Genius Henry Laufer tied his knot with Dr. Marsha Zlatin Laufer. His spouse is a speech-language pathologist and political activist, who served as the chairman of the Democratic Party for the town of Brookhaven, New York, from 2005 – 2009.

Henry and his wife, Marsha, hasn’t shared any information regarding their children. The couple is happily married and no sign and rumors of their divorce till now. They are living together in Setauket, New York.

Henry Laufer Net worth

Laufer earns the huge amount of money in his career. His revolutionary research earned him $10 million gifts. He was listed as one of the “Wall Street’s Highest Earners” by Forbes magazine with an income of $390,000,000.

Henry is the man with genius mind whos research change the face of investment strategies in the world, and there is no doubt that he earns millions of dollar.

Laufer made $125 million in 2008 only as well as $121 million in the following year. He also donates millions of dollar to a different organization. As per 2017, it is estimated that 72 years old Henry Laufer current net worth is around $4 Billion.