Josleline Hernandez, also popular as the Puerto Rican princess grew to prominence from her appearance in the VH1 reality series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. As true for many struggling actors, she also had to face a lot of difficulties.

For starters, Joseline had to work as a stripper by the age of sixteen in order to provide her family a day to day meal. But it also got her ultimate break, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. According to sources, her net worth is put at approximately $2 million as of May 2017.

How Joseline Hernandez earns her money?

A Puerto Rican by birth, Joseline Hernandez started acting in the reality show organized by VH1, after an award-winning music producer spotted her in the bar when she was still a stripper.

The reality show is still running its sixth season successfully with over three million viewers per episode but Joseline has become one of the final four gals still standing till date.

We do not know her exact earnings from the show but according to rumors, she earned $800,000 from season 5 alone or $50k an episode.

As Kim Kardashian is reported to make $40,000 an episode, so Joseline Hernandez earning $50k might be a little exaggerating, but the reality show is certainly a major source of her net worth.

Apart from this, the sexy actress also starred in her own show, Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood alongside her boyfriend, Stevie J which had 2.6 million viewers in its premiere. 

Again in May this year, Joseline had another big idea to make money out of her pregnancy. The 31-year-old rapper produced her own show which had filmed her own delivery, aired on VH1 and even documented.

Once a stripper, Hernandez has become able to mark her presence in Hollywood.

With as many as 1.4 million Instagram followers, she has become no doubt become very popular. The “Girls Gone Wild” rapper also recently released her two songs, Hate Me Now and Run Me My Money both of which are available at the price of $0.99.

There are also several songs prior to these. Moreover, the Spanish bombshell also performances in several clubs, adding a few more bucks to her net worth.

From a stripper to actress, singer, producer and body expert Joseline does not have to worry about earning anymore. Rather she might climb into the Forbes’ richest celebs list any time soon.

No doubt Joseline Hernandez has many haters but she also been an inspiration to many women. So the title Puerto Rican princess does her name justice.

Regardless of her haters, Joseline has continued to rise because she knows how to make things happen her way.

Apparently, Joseline does not seem to have lack of ideas in order to earn money. Well you see, there are many GIF keyboards consisting of a collection of Joseline emojis available for a price of $1.99 in iTunes store, the highest one priced at $4.99.

So definitely that could have also helped her little or lot. We do not know for sure but yes, Joseline Hernandez earns fair amount to help her have a lavish lifestyle.

The popular diva likes to splurge money on blings and designer clothes as you can see for yourself on her Instagram.