Basketball fans should know Skylar Diggins as she is one of the prominent figures in Basketball. In fact, she has been playing basketball for more than eight years now and has accomplished many achievements as well as awards.


She, in fact, is the first female athlete able to sign a contract with Roc Nation Sports. Now, who is Tige Diggins? Are they closely related or just a coincidence?

Tige Diggins is Biologically Related

What comes to you when we say that Tige Diggins and Skylar Diggins are biologically related? Father, brother, Uncle, grandfather?

Okay then here’s the answer. Tige Diggins is actually the birth father of Skylar Diggins. On 2nd August 1990 Tige together with his wife, Renee Scott gave birth to this little girl, Skylar, who would later become a basketball role model.

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From childhood, Skydiggs or Sky was given freedom to play the sports of her choice and her family always supported her. Renee Scott, her mother said,

We’ve just tried to support her and do whatever we can to help her. We’ve stressed that it’s about so much more than basketball. It’s just a stepping stone. She plays because she loves it. We’ve never pushed her to play.

Maybe that’s why this 5 feet 10″ gorgeous has a very close relationship with her family including her grandfather, who by the way has helped Sky a lot, morally and financially.

More than that Diggins Jr has also been providing for her family for a long time and for your information Diggins is a big family, as her mother recalled that they bought over 200 tickets once for the state finals.

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So how is her relationship with her father, Tige Diggins? Honestly, there is not much information available and although Sky, a three-time All-American is very close to her mother, she does rarely talk about her father.

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But according to her mother her daughter also has a close relationship with her father, Tige. Her father was also a basketball player and had played for Clay.

Moreover, Renee’s ex-husband, Maurice Scott who has been a director at the Martin Luther King Center and Panthers’ JV coach also maintains a similar bond with Skylar since she was three years old.

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The beautiful 27-year-old basketball player also admires her mother a lot. Sky says,

There’s a lot of her in me. She’s always been there for me and told me the sky’s the limit and I can be anything I want to be. “It’s all about the respect and love I have for her.

Apart from being a basketball player, she is also a PUMA Sportsmodel and a businesswoman.

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When asked where did she get her gorgeous look from, Skylar Diggins said, pointing her mother,

She’s the beautiful one — all 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin. I’m just the poor man’s version of her.

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