Everyone gets excited about the life, career, and earnings of famous TV celebs but, do people also follow high court judges? One of the judges we should be curious about is Judge Wapner. Do you want to know how much a judge earns?


Are you interested in knowing what Judge Wapner’s Net Worth is? Let’s get started to find out all about his earnings, careers and his awards.

Judge Wapner’s Net Worth, Income, Earning

A judge, a TV personality, and an attorney, Wapner sure is a complete package. His earnings made him a total of $15 million net worth.

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Since Wapner was at the US Army and also worked as an attorney for several years, we can assume that he had a really steady income. He had a government job so it is sure that he earned enough to support his family.

After he started to work in the reality show The People’s Court, he made a fortune for himself and his family.

Wapner also served as the national spokesperson for the Singer Asset Finance Company where he earned through television and printed ads. He also had a beverage named “Judge Wapner Root Beer” since 2010 from which he earned royalties for using his name.

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He also published a book called “A View from the Bench” which has a value of $11.50 for paperbacks and $16 for hardcovers. Amazon has ranked the book as #2775 among the Lawyers and Judges Biographies and Memoirs category.

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Wapner’s Career and Awards

Talking about Joseph’s career, he was a lieutenant in the US army in the beginning and then, he became an attorney for several years. Eventually, Wapner’s legal career officially started after being appointed by Governor Pat Brown to the LA municipal Court in 1959.

After serving the Municipal Court for 2 years, he served in the LA County Superior Court for 18 years before his retirement. The judge was also the president of the California Judges Association from 1975 to 1976.

The American had won the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart for his extraordinary services in the military. He earned both of his medals in the South Pacific while serving in Cebu, a province of the Philippines.

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Wapner was also honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his court show Judge Judy. Until 2013, he was also the longest-reigning arbiter over The People’s Court.

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Judge Wapner’s Mini-Bio

Born as an American citizen on 15th November 1919, to Jewish parents, Joseph Albert Wapner was a judge and a television personality. The judge was the first to reside on the ongoing reality show ‘The People’s Court’.

He was in the show from 1981 to 1993 and stayed on the air for 2,484 episodes. In his high school, the judge dated actress Lana Turner. He graduated from the University of Southern California and USC Law School in 1941 and 1948 respectively. He was a lieutenant in the US Army before becoming a judge.

The Jewish judge died at the age of 97 on 26th February 2017. However, the immediate cause of his death was still unknown to his grandson Gabriel Wapner at the time of confirmation as reported by The Washington Post. The Guardian reported that he had breathing problems and had been hospitalized a week ago.

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Since, the famous jury died to leave behind a huge load of fortune to his wife, children, and grandchildren, we can just pray to god that his departed soul rests in peace.