Everyone might be familiar with Will Smith, isn’t it?. Williard Carroll Smith Jr. aka Will Smith is one of the most prominent American actor, producer, rapper, comedian, and songwriter.


Well, Will Smith is one of the biggest celebrity and has millions of fans who are willing to know about his net worth. So, Stick with us and scroll down to know about his net worth.

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Will Smith Net worth

Father of Jaden Smith, Will Smith is a blockbuster star, the Studio still pay top dollar even when he misfires, he still brings in a huge fan base. Regarding Will Smith, his estimated net worth of $260 million.

Similarly, Smith initially gained fame as a TV actor for Fresh Prince and also did a record-breaking number for his Duo Rap band. As an A-list Hollywood actor on both small and big screens in a successive year, Smith obviously made it big.

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Well in 2008, As of Hancock, he holds the record for the actor to star in the most consecutive $100 million-grossing movies. In 2010, he took off to nurture because in Men in BlackIII he reprised his role as Agent j. Smith and has fallen on the list.

Wondering towards Will Smith net worth, he has a huge amount of money and he is much pretty interested in cars and houses I guess. so, scroll down and let’s discuss.

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Will Smith Cars and houses

Will Smith lives with his family in a lavish southwestern style, a 25,000 square foot mega-mansion built by the architect Stephen Samuelson which estimated a price of $20 million.

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It includes full; size tennis and basketball court, a sand volleyball court, a pool, horse facilities, a picturesque private lake and gym

Will Smith has also a collection of cars, he owns a Cadillac Escalade, 1965 Ford Mustang which convertible in shiny red color. Moreover, he owns a Mercedes Benz GL450 which estimated has not been revealed in social media.

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Well, Will Smith proudly owns an ostentatious mobile mansion, a huge 53-foot double decker trailer specially designed ride is lavish and bigger than most of the New York apartment and rents $9,000 a week.

Will Smith Total Earning

In 1992, Will Smith collected around $50,000 from the movie “Where the Day Takes You”. Well in January 1993, he earned around $500,000 from the film “Six Degrees of Separation” and in the same month, he also earned $100,000 from “Made in America”.

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Smith grabbed $2,000,000 from Bad Boys in the year 1995. Following year, his salary was $5,000,000 from Independence Day, $5,000,000 from Men in Black. He became able to earn $17,500,000 from the album Big Willie Style.

Furthermore, his record salary of the album Millenium in January 1999 was around $4,500,000 and in the same month, he earned $7,000,000 from the movie Wild Wild West. His salary from the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance is around $10,000,000.

In January 2001, he earned $20,000,000 from Ali and in Jan 2002, he collected $20,000,000 from “Men in Black 2”. In the same month, his album “Born to Reign” collected $1,000,000. His earning was around $20,000,000 from “Bad Boys 2” in 2003.

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Will Smith collected $28,000,000 from the movie I, Robot and earned $35 million throughout 2004. His sales album of “Lost and Found” is $750,000 and earned $25 million in 2005.

Smith earned $20,000,000 in January 2006 from The Pursuit of Happiness and collected $36 million in the year 2006. In the following year, in 2007, he grabbed $80 million. In January 2008, he made $20,000,000 from the movie “Hancock” and earned $45 million throughout the year.

Smith also worked as the producer of The Karate Kid in 2010 and earned $5,500,000. In that year, he grabbed $36 million. In January 2012, he is estimated to earn $20,000,000 from the movie Men in Black 3. He earned $23 million in 2013 and in following year, he grabbed $32 million.