The adult model and the entrepreneur, Bernice Burgos has been enjoying huge Instagram fame, thanks to her amazing hourglass figure. She currently has 3.9 million followers on her Instagram page. Apart from her sexy looks, the sensation also has a business mindset which has helped in the growth of her net worth throughout the years.

The 38-year-old model looks far younger than her age. It might come as a shock to many of you, but the model is already a grandmother. Her 21-year old daughter Ashley Burgos just recently gave birth.

So, how much does Burgos actually make from her Instagram and other ventures? To find out more about her net worth, earnings; keep scrolling.

Bernice Burgos Net Worth and Instagram earnings

Bernice Burgos has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million according to the sources. The model has made appearances in many music videos and was also featured in MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. She also hosts various programs from time to time.

However, her main source of income seems to come from the ads and endorsements on her Instagram.

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos ][ SOURCE: ECelebrityFacts ]

The model is very active on her Instagram page. Burgos endorses various brands through her photos. She seems to be a huge fan of Fashionova and credits a lot her outfit looks to the brand. This could be an advertisement for Fashionova in which case she must earn a lot promoting it to her millions of followers.

Instagram: Bernice Burgos promoting brands:


The weather was acting right today ????‍???? Outfit: @fashionnova

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[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos Instagram advertisement ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Apart from that Burgos has also done sponsored advertisements for various items. She has posted advertisements for a hair oil brand named Hair Infinity. Such sponsored posts must provide her well since she has a huge influence on her Instagram. Brands must like working with her due to her large following on the platform. 

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Bernice Burgos other ventures

Apart from her thriving Instagram sponsorships, Burgos also has her own online clothing store named Bold and Beautiful. The website sells a range of women sleepwear. She runs the business with her daughter Ashley and together they have earned a huge amount. 

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos web store Bold and Beautiful ][ SOURCE: Bold and Beautiful ]

The price of her sleepwear ranges from $32 to $55. Many of her items are sold out so we can say that the business is doing well. With 5 new arrivals at the store, Burgos is ready to make more from this business venture.

Bernice Burgos LifeStyle, Cars, and Houses

According to, Bernice Burgos is currently dating NBA’s James Harden to make her alleged ex-boyfriend, T.I. Jealous.
The model apparently dates a rapper, Quavo earlier. She is a fashionable person and wears a lot of designer and high-end brands including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander Wang and many more. 

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos in her designer outfit and bag ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The model also seems to be a huge car enthusiast. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her with cars. She owns a Bentley Continental GT which is priced at $214,425. Additionally, she also drives a Mercedes G Wagon which has a market value of $123,600. Apart from that Burgos rents a lot of luxury cars from time to time.

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos with her Bentley ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, Burgos is living the life of luxury and her Instagram followers have helped her a lot in that department. She still actively posts on her account. We can assume her net worth will rise in coming days.