A stand-up comedian and the co-creator of Impractical Jokers as everyone may recall, Sal Vulcano came in with what happens to be the most real camera joke reality series aired on TV. Since he has no known relationship, the media started a hearsay about his sexuality.


Today, you will truly find out if the impractical Joker is gay or not. His sexual identity will be a lot important for his female following as well. Girls love a humorous guy, don’t they? Just stay tuned as we will reveal the Sal Vulcano’s sexuality.

Comedian-actor Sal Vulcano Gay or Straight?

To be concerned about each and every detail of a celebrity is every fan’s virtue. One of the most famous comedians of this century, Sal Vulcano is really not into relationships as one may say.

Due to his secretive or single relationship status, his sexuality has continuously been questioned.

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[ CAPTION: Sal Vulcano ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Is it because the actor cum producer has never been seen with other girls. We got inside the actors’ social media platforms but, all we saw were photos of him with his crew and other guys. He has such rare pictures with female friends. Then, is he really a gay?

The actor in the show Daytime Talk Show with Sally Jessy admitted that he was a gay. However, in a short instance, the actor again told them that was just a joke.

He just admitted the wrong thing to make one of his co-stars admit that he was actually a gay. It was also heard that James S. Murray was in love with Sal. Still unsure about the comedian’s sexuality?

Sal Vulcano’s Secret Wife?

True that the celebs are seen to have a secret private life. Does Sal also have a secret life? Did he marry secretly? One of his tweets on 31st October 2016, shocked all of his fans and followers. The post? 

[ CAPTION: Sal’s Secret Wife? ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

The Twitter post said his wife wanted them to go someplace together for which he asked his wife to try the kitchen. This might be a joke as we all know that he loves comedy. So what is it? A joke or the truth told in a funny way. Whatever it was, it caused a buzzing news.

Despite being in the limelight, Sal has succeeded to have his private life be kept private. So far, the actor has managed to have his fans confused about his sexuality. Believe me, when I say, that’s a very big thing. He really deserves a pat on his back. What do you think about Sal’s sexuality?