We all surely cannot deny that Rita Ora is one hell of a flawless singer. It is also obvious that such perfection will have many crushes on her. Well today in this article, you will know everything in detail about the singer’s past as well as present affairs, who has a crush on her, with whom has she rumored to be in a relationship and with whom she was officially in a relationship.


If you are a big fan of Rita Ora, you must know that she has been with more than ten guys in her lifetime. Not only this but she also once rumored to be dating a girl. Shocking right? But what about her present partner? Who is she dating currently? Don’t stop yourself to read until the end of this article if you want answers to all these questions.

Rita Ora’s present boyfriend/girlfriend?

Rita Ora is currently dating the son of Ronnie Wood, Tyrone Wood. They are assumed to be dating in the year 2017 itself, however, the actual date when they started dating has not been published yet. The couple actually kept their relationship very secret. But how long can two celebs hide their dating news from the world right?

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Well, it was not so long ago that it finally got confirmed that the couple is dating. They were often seen together hanging out. They even quietly went on a holiday together. But you know, there are eyes everywhere. So they finally got exposed.

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As they are starting to spend holidays together, it seems like the couple is starting to get serious. Rita even revealed in an interview that she likes Tyrone because unlike her exes, Ty is a one woman man and is not hungry for fame. Also, she finds him really attractive as he does a lot of work for charity as well.

Rita’s past relationships

Enough about the singer’s current relationship. Now let’s move on to her past affairs, who she dated and why it didn’t work out as well. Rita Ora’s first reported boyfriend is Jay Z. they dated back in the year 2009 and got separated because of some issues.

Recently, in the year 2016, Jay Z was accused of having extramarital affair with Rita Ora. However, Jay-Z’s marriage to Beyonce has not been affected because of this.

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Rita Ora started dating another famous singer, Bruno Mars from February 2009 to February 2011. They dated for two whole years but they kept their relationship private for a long period of time. Rita even said that her love with Bruno was love at first sight and that she had a wonderful romance with Bruno.

Another guy Rita dated was Rob Kardashian. Their relationship started at the end of 2011 and ended after a year, but not on good terms. After Rob got split from Rita, he accused Rita of cheating on him with 20 dudes. Ouch! Such a harsh thing to say to a girl.

Rita Ora had encountered with Asap Rocky in 2012. Years after their break up, Asap actually dissed Rita Ora in ‘Better Things’. However a reply for this by Rita Ora was,

‘I don’t give a shit’.

Rita Ora and Aubrey Graham, popularly known as Drake also dated in the year 2012. Somewhere around May 2012, Rita Ora denied that she was dating with Drake and that they are just good friends. God knows why they wanted to hide their affair because this was not just a rumor, they are actually seen kissing as well.

Rita Ora had a brief encounter with American actor Evan Ross. And after she broke up with the actor, she then had another brief encounter with Dave Gardner, one of the close friends of David Beckham.

Their relationship was confirmed when Rita was seen leaving Dave’s house wearing the same outfit as the night before after partying at LFW.

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Rita Ora started dating one of the famous DJs Calvin Harris from may 2013 to may 2014. Looks like Rita was really into Calvin as she was seen having a very hard time when Calvin started dating another singer, Taylor Swift. Rita also had a brief encounter with Justin Bieber back in 2014.

Rita Ora dated another famous American rapper, Ricky Hill from the year 2014 to 2015. After their split, Ricky had some very hard time and tried different things in order to distract himself from the breakup. She then started dating the Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, but their relationship ended just after three weeks.

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Rita Ora also had an encounter with another musician Andrew Watt for a few months in 2016. After Rita ended her relationship with him, she then dated a British auto racer, Lewis Hamilton. Their relationship was confirmed when Lewis was seen with Rita Ora leaving Rita’s house after spending the night together. But then again, this relationship also didn’t last for more than a couple of months.

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The last guy Rita dated before she started dating her current boyfriend Wood was James Arthur. He even revealed that Rita Ora fling turned him into a sex addict. Well, these were all the guys Rita dated in her lifetime. We have a separate list of rumors though.

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Some of her rumored relationships were with Cara Delevingne, Johan Hill, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, etc. Let’s now hope that her current relationship with Wood doesn’t end up like the previous relations and lasts for eternity.