The American Meteorologist for the ABC 7 News, Tracy Butler, who has been working as a meteorologist in This Morning since 1996 and has a total estimated net worth of around $3 million, has been successful in her professional life, but, what do you know of her personal dating life? 


Tracy Butler has made herself a star through her career in the reporting field working for more than 20 years now. However, if we shift our focus to the lady’s personal life, what do we know about her married relationship or about her children?

Well, this article is here for the very reason. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in to know all about Tracy’s romantic life. 

Is Tracy Butler in a romantic relationship? 

To tell you the truth, Tracy Butler has already turned herself into a family woman as she has already reached more than 25 years’ in her marital relationship with husband Michael. Even if we know this, we really don’t know more about her husband. 

[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler with her husband ][ SOURCE: Pictame ]

The couple met through a blind date arranged by her cousin during the 1990s. There is nothing much to talk about their marriage but, while looking at their social media posts, it is seen that Tracy has a number of photos dedicating her husband an anniversary wish.

So, from this, we can assume that she got married to her husband on the 5th September 1992.

[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler’s anniversary wish for her husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler’s anniversary wish for her husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

According to some tabloids, it is also heard that the Michael threw her a huge party for the successful completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in 2001. Looking at the recent photos of the couple, it seems as if they are still happily in their married relationship. 

[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler with her husband ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Does Tracy Butler have any children? 

If you are wondering if Tracy Butler has any children then, for your information, she has already given birth to a total of two children, both daughters. The names and birth dates and such other details regarding her children are kept a secret. 

[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler’s Child ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Being said that, we found out that her children are aged 15 and 12. We really don’t know which one, but one of her children’s name is Maya as can be seen from this very post. Also, another post of hers shows that her first child’s birthdate is around 30th September 2002

[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler’s Child ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler’s Child Birthday ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple also has another member in their family; their pet dog, Lego. By the way, Tracy calls her pet her nephew. 

[ CAPTION: Tracy Butler’s Fifth Family Member ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

All in all, it looks as if Tracy Butler also passed her personal life tests with flying colors.