Jake Warden is a sensational YouTuber and a comedy vlogger.He is widely known as This Is Jake who publishes a variety of comedy vlogs, challenges and more.

Jake Warden Early Life

Warden was born on February 20, 2002, in Denver, Colorado, and currently, attends high school. He is very close to his mother and sister. He often posted his photos with his sister and mother on social sites.

However, he has not mentioned their name in his bio it seems like he prefers to keep them out of a spot.

Jake Warden Career

Jake Warden developed his YouTube channel in December 2013, however, he started posting videos about a year later, in October 2014. Warden started posting some makeup tutorials for boys and DIY videos for Halloween costumes. However, his star dum rose with his videos of lip syncing to Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato’s songs.

Later with the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ PARODY. One of his most popular videos is called ‘Prank Calling in sick from Jobs I don’t Have’, with more than a million views on YouTube!

Moreover, he also posted several DIY materials and his makeup tutorials are a big hit.Jake is often accompanied by his friends Emily, Jessica, and Stevie. One of the youngest YouTubers to have almost 290K subscribers.

He has worked the Bean Boozled challenge, the internationally popular condom challenge, the rod crème challenge and also the Onesie Acrobatic challenge. His videos are fun to watch and his description of his routine and life is easily relatable.

This is what makes him so popular amongst his fan base. Jake Warden appeared on national television for an episode on ‘Comedy Central’, which aired on November 15, 2016.

Jake Warden Personal Life

Being a well-known star, she prefers to stay home and post videos rather than go to school. He also loves buying and goes shopping as frequently as five times a week. He is also very loving of coloring his hair in various colors and has been seen sporting gray and blonde colors in the past.

His favorite YouTuber is Joey Graceffa, whom he likes a lot. His favorite singers and bands such as Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and Trevor Moran. He is also health alert and states that regular exercise is necessary for staying fit and healthy.

His relationship status is currently single. It seems like he is focusing his career rather than a girlfriend.

Jake Warden Net worth

Beng a rising star, he surely earns a handsome salary from his channel, where he has over 650,000 subscribers on YouTube. He has posted over 50 videos on different topics containing makeup tutorials for guys, challenges, and fun vlogs. He surely living a luxurious life with his family.