James Badgett Dale, professionally known as Badge Dale, represents himself as an American actor. With his impressive acting, he has been successful in impressing his fans and critics. He is well known for his roles in film and various television shows including his role in the AMC drama series Rubicon, Chase Edmunds, Roviebert Leckie in the HBO miniseries The Pacific and in Martin Scorses’s The Departed. He also appeared in the big budget movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.


James Badgett Dale was born on May 1, 1978, in New York City as the child of the actor and choreographer Grove Dale who was also a dancer and his mother Anita Morris was famous actress and singer. While attending school in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, he was auditioned for a remake of Lord of the Files to play the role of Simon and he passed through audition. He spent five months in Jamaica and then came back to complete his school education at wonderland Elementary. He lost his mother when he was 15 years old and was raised by his father. He attended Manhattanville College where he also joined the hockey team. After suffering a leg injury he left the hockey team.

“I am pretty private person, so I’d like to say I am a good ear and that I keep my mouth shut.”

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Talking about his career, his most appreciated works are in the movie Lord of the Files, where he played the role of Simon and in the third season of the Fox TV series 24 in which he played the role of Chase Edmunds. He also acted on in CSI: Miami and CSI: NY where he was seen in the role of serial killer Henry Darius. CSI: Miami was the beginning of the story line and CSI: NY was the ending part. In 2006 he starred in supporting the role of Tropper Barrigan in The Departed. He then appeared in Rubicon, AMC’s political thriller which was based on secret society pulling strings on world political stage. In 2013, he appeared as Eric Savin in the Iron Man 3, science thriller World War Z, as Dan Reid in The Lone Ranger and as the brother of Lee Harvey Oswald in Parkland.

Coming to his far, Dale has made his appearance in more than 20 big budget movies and presented himself in various roles. Nola(2003), The Departed(2006), Shame(2011), The Conspirator(2011), The Walk(2015) and The spectral(2016). Among his movies, Iron Man 3 was the high budgeted movies he has played till now. Similarly, he has appeared on various TV Shows such as Hack(2003), Rescue Me(2004), Fort Pit(2007) and The Pacific(2010).Dale has been nominated for Young Artist Award for two times in 1990 for his work in movie Lord of the Files.

Moving to his personal life, handsome hunk Dale is currently single and in some interview he has said that he prefers to have a wife from nonentertainment industry. He stands tall with a height of 5’11’’ and has perfectly maintained body shape. Dale has a net worth of $1.5 million(2016).