If you are fond of movies then you must have watch famous movie Titanic which is considered as one of the most horned movies in 1997.


The American epic romance-disaster film which was based on the real story and was directed by James Cameron. James as one of the elite Hollywood director and writer has directed many movies like Avatar, The Terminator and Titanic is one of them. 


Its been 20 years since Titanic has stolen the heart of many people and swept into theatres riding a wave of prerelease suspicion broke the minute audiences opened their eyes and hearts.

Camerons says

“Titanic stays with you for a lifetime, really”.

Main characters

As a sign that the public’s proneness for all things Titanic hasn’t abated in the past two decades, select AMC theatres will screen a remastered version of the movie starting December 1. 

Mistakes in Titanic

Although as a celebration of the movie, the hourlong documentary also elucidates Cameron’s continuing fascination with the real-life griefed. As the movie shows, the director is still searching for acceptance as to how a supposedly unsinkable ship came to be lying on the ocean floor.

Cameron said:

I think they wanted something that was more movie-centric, and I was happy to continue with some of the forensic stuff we had never really resolved”.so they decided that the framework of the documentary would be,’What did we get right and what did we get wrong?

Based on the ordeals that Cameron and his team conduct in the special, they didn’t get anything peculiar wrong in their presentation of the Titanic’s final hours. The director responds energetically in the negative.

 I have no intention of remaking Titanic.

The movie is right in its board strokes and wrong in few details. If Cameron was to remake Titanic, he already knows accurately what would be fixed.

Mistakes in Movie

Movie stars Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and others dazzled on the red carpet in London today for the world premiere of “Titanic 3-D”,15 years after the original film was released.

 Some of the mistakes in the movie are;

1 Actress beauty mark switches from one cheek another

2 Jack’s Hair goes from Messy to Combed back

3 The Axe Glass is broken twice by Rose

4 Wires are visible during the sinking scenes

Cameron worked with 300 computer artists, who spent 750,000 hours giving one of his most Iconic films a third dimension. It was a process he called “horrific “and “mind -numbering.”