Introduction and Education

Jeanetta Jones was born in 1899 in Louisiana but spent her childhood days at a native of Plainview, Texas. From her early childhood she was interested at weather reporting. Her father was from Cuba and also a Southern Baptist minister while her mother was from Louisiana. She was raised Christian since she was nine years old as she was born in Christian family. Her mother had surgery in her back and she used to help her every day. She studied at University of Georgia and was graduated with bachelor’s degree in broadcast news.


She completed her graduation she started searching job with her degrees. She got the job of reporting weather as well as others at Macon, Ga., TV station. She did her best at the work but something didn’t went well so she changed the started working to her next job in Spartanburg, S.C. She worked there for about two years as a temporary fill-in weekend weather job holder. She also worked at WSPA as a meteorologist and a Talk Show Host. Later in 1986 she sent her tape to The Weather Channel and was hired for a job.

While working there she have covered many Severe Weather and Hurricanes. She is very serious about the weather. In 2006 she left the job at the Weather Channel and retired. She was admired by her colleagues, friends, seniors etc. because of her hard work and dedication towards the work. She was a very responsible person while working. She never gave any chance of complain to others.

“The news was so depressing and when I did the weather, I felt like I was providing a true service for people. A lot of times we don’t take the weather seriously, but during severe weather season, we can help keep people out of harm’s way.”

Personal Life

Jones is a happily married woman for more than 12 years. She got married to handsome husband. She is the mother of 9 year old daughter named Geraldine Jones. She is currently at her 40’s but the age doesn’t defines her. As she is very interested and have passion in jewelry she have opened a jewelry store in Macon and is called as the Bling. The store carries fashion jewelry and is a very famous jewelry shop in town. In 2006 she had a serious car accident due to which she was almost killed. She took bed rest for about 25 years as she had many serious injuries.

After the accident, Jones never came back at work. Jones is an active member of The American Meteorological Society of Seal of Approval and also the National Weather Association. After her accident, she didn’t come in touch. During her days in media, she used to have beautiful hair. Once her orange-colored hair came in highlight. She has a very unique fashion sense. She is also known for her dressing style. While she was on-air she always used to wear a knee short fitted skirt which very well suits her personality as well. She has a very pretty face and charming smile. She is loved by her fans very much.