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Jenny Harrison Biography

Facts of Jenny Harrison Biography

occupation Anchor
ethnicity English
religion Christianity
place_of_birth United Kingdom


Jenny Harrison was born in 1972 in Stratford on-Avon, England. She is known as a weather anchor of three hour rolling news program for CNN International. She have worked at CNN over a decade as a weather anchor. Jenny served CNN International’s as a weather anchor.


Jenny works in a news program CNN Today for three hours a day as well as Business International. She brings regular updates each hour as she is the weather anchor of the morning shows. She provides special updates on the weather items regularly. She is based in CNN’s global headquarters in Atlanta. She as a breaking news app in August 2013 have reported on the new Google glasses which was developed at CNN. After anchoring weather for Britain’s ITV network, HTV West, Meridian, Anglia Television, Carlton Central and HTV Wales. In September 1999 she joined CNN. In 1996 she anchored and launched the UK Weather Network. She while serving HTV Wales presented a number of lifestyle programs and reported several features.


During her career she also have worked with several regional historical societies. She there presented special information about the regions. Before starting her career in the television, she worked for several largest blue-chip retail companies of Britain in their marketing and product development. She also served Boots plc. as their Group Product Manager. Jenny also have introduced a theory of generalized functions which is called as differential chains. She also is admired by almost everyone. Her seniors, mates, family everyone supports and praises her because of her excellence performance during work. She is a very hardworking and responsible person.

Besides Television

Jenny was born in Stratford-on-Avon, England. Since her childhood days, she was interested in music, performing at the stage as she involved in the field later. She also worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company on The Dillon. She also has gone to many countries and performed lead Clarinet with two orchestras. She also hasve created and designed several glasswork and artwork which was displayed at several galleries. 

Other facts

Harrison is very pretty, gorgeous and beautiful anchor. She is said to be the sunshine on a cloudy day. We can find her prettiest and gorgeous pictures in internet easily.  When she used to be on-air she looked very fabulous. She also had a beautiful figure. She has dyed her hair in blonde color. She used to wear tight clothes which suit her personality very well. She looks fabulous in every dress. She have very good sense of dressing. She also has beautiful eyes. We can also find about her in the internet. We can also find about her news YouTube easily.

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