Quick Facts John Berman

John Berman is one of the famous and dear names of the CNN news network. Having the work history at multiple networks and still has a good charm and influence on them is one of the specialties of the Berman.


Born on March 21, 1972, he is the residency of Carlisle, Massachusetts, Boston, United States. John literally follows Christianity as his religion, while he belongs to White Ethnicity and has American nationality. Having in this field for a long time and still has so much energy to perform even better, John Berman bio can be taken as an exemplary for all the newcomers. Following his dream from the early childhood, he attended Philips Academy Andover and graduated from there in the year 1990 and joined Harvard University and got the degree of Arts.


Right after his graduation, he was selected as the desk assistant for the overnight shift for ABC news in the year 1995. Berman became the head writer for World News Tonight along with Peter Jennings in the year 1997 which was also the beginning of his success. He has covered many successful and dreadful news while working with Peter. He has covered Colorado shooting, Pope’s tour at Cuba, President Clinton hearings etc. At the same time, he has the experience of working in ABC news as off-air anchor/reporter. The high change in John Berman bio came in the year 2001 when he officially came into the screen for the news. 

During his tenure in the year 2000’s he covered many sensational news. He is the only man who flew or follow President George. W. Bush’s up to 45 states during his presidential campaign. Likewise, catching catfish barehanded, invasion of Iraq, invasion of Lebanon, great Indian Ocean Tsunami, Presidential campaign of Obama and John McCain etc are some of his news reporting coverage. Within the year 2010, he was almost in every program of ABC news along with World News, Good Morning America, and Nightline.

In the current time, he is responsible for handling CNN’s Early Start with the help of Christine Romans and At this Hour with the help of Kate Bolduan. He is one hard working man, as a result, he is getting enough salary in CNN which has simply boosted his overall net worth. Considering his work he has been honored by many awards like Edward R. Murrow award, Best Broadcast in the year 2004 and James Beard award in the year 2010.


Considering his physical appearance and personal life history, John Berman height is 5 feet 8 inch followed by marvelous body structure. He has a pleasant personality and smiles every time at the stage. Millions of people fall for his smile.

Mentioning about his past girlfriend and affairs, he is now a married man. John Berman dated his wife for a long time and got married however the date has not been mentioned. The love story between them began when Berman was in college and part-time worker in a music store, she was the regular customer and as a fact, they both fell for each other. The couple has got two children who are twins and till now there have not been any rumors regarding his marital life and no single possibility of getting a divorce.