John Travis Clayton shortly known as John Clayton is a writer and reporter for National Football League( NFL). He has also been serving as a senior writer for Born on May 11, 1954, Clayton completed his high school from Churchill Area High School and got his college degree from Duquesne University. Representing himself as a sports radio host and anchor, Clayton has been serving ESPN for almost two decades.


During his days in Churchill Area High School, Clayton started to cover sports, starting with the Pittsburgh Steers training camp in 1972. He used to write about the team in the St. Marys, Pennsylvania daily express and later wrote on steel city sports, which later on changed into Score!.  He worked as a staff writer for Score and covered Steelers. During his career, he also worked as a stringer for a number of radio networks which include AP radio. He used to provide sound clips from locker room interviewing Pittsburgh’s professional team after games to the network. Before graduating from Duquesne University in 1976, Clayton used to worked for The Pittsburgh Press as a part-time work while attending college. Clayton replaced regular Steelers beat writer, Glenn Sheely and covered a Steelers mini-camp.

During his duty, he found out a rules violation,( players wearing shoulders pads in off-season drills) and reported it which might prevent the team from a draft. His role in this affair became controversial in his own hometown. He left his job at Steelers and moved across the country and worked as a writer of Seatle Seahawks for The News Tribune, Washington. At the same time, he began to appear in NFL segments on KJR(AM), Seattle sports radio, on Nanci Donnellan’s show The Fabulous Sports Babe.



Clayton became an ESPN reporter and a weekly radio show host during the NFL offseason in 1995.  He also continued his contribution to KJR(AM), hosting its “ Sports Saturday” show. He used to be a regular caller sports- talks radio stations.

Clayton, who has been contributing as a sportswriter for various networks has been awarded numerous awards. His hard works have been appreciated well at the different stages of his life. He was awarded by Dick McCann Memorial Award by Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007, from the vote of the Pro Football Writers of America. In 2001, he was awarded by sports hall of fame by Duquesne University.


While talking about the personal section of his life, he seems to remain private about his personal matters. He has not opened up his mouth about his past affairs, relationship, and girlfriends. Though in some articles it is mentioned that he has been married to a prostitute woman, no any photo of Clayton with her wife and children could be found on the internet. Being silent about his personal matter, Clayton has not spoken anything about his earnings and Net Worth but we could assume that being a successful writer he might have made millions of dollars from it.  In a social network, Clayton seems active in twitter only where we can see his frequent update on a various sports event.