John P. Coale is the former tort lawyer with a lot of political connections. He was the well-recognized lawyer of Washington who actively fought for the minors and the oppressed ones during his working days.

Coale came to limelight after marrying the commentator and former television news anchor for CNN, Fox News and NBC News, Greta Van Susteren. The couple has been together for more than two decades now.

John P. Coale Early Life, Education, and Career

John P. Coale was born and brought up in the United State of America. He garnered his graduate degree in law. 

John used to work at his 22nd Street office. As soon as he established himself as a reputed lawyer of U.S.A, he started taking the lawsuits in favored of the society and its people. He proved himself a master of disaster when supported and represented the victims of Bhopal Gas Disaster.

Coale was also given the name Bhopal Coale when he sued Union Carbide Corporation for leaking the gas and causing 2000 deaths. It was his first notable case and the journey of his good deed began then.

In 1986, he took the case of Dupont Plaza Hotel fire followed by North Carolina Chicken processing plant fire. He also contributed to the negotiations between the federal government and the cigarette companies. He made the headline when got involved in Tobacco Industry’s Settlement. The deal was worth $360 million.

Furthermore, his work has been praised through different books, magazines, and newspaper such as The National Law Journal, GQ, People Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Even after his retirement from his work, he is remembered for his wonderful work as an attorney. After giving up on his profession he started getting involved in politics.  

John P. Coale Wife, Married, Children, & Divorce

Coale is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife, Greta Van Susteren in 1988. The ceremony was held in presence of close friends and family. The duo first met in 1997 and dated for a year before upgrading their relationship level. Moreover, he often visits the white house with his wife. 

Coale married twice previously. Even with two unsuccessful marriages holding up he never gave up on love. He finally found his soul mate Susteren eventually asking her to be the part of his life forever. 

The couple does not have any children together, however; John has a son from one of his ex-wife. Both the husband and wife became the members of the Church of Scientology so as to reduce his drug problem.

John P. Coale Health issues

Coale had serious health issues since diagnosed with throat cancer in 2012. He is still fighting the disease with all his efforts and treating it aggressively undergoing multi surgeries. It was a relief knowing that the cancer was at an early stage and could be terminated with a 10% chance of it returning back. In 2015 he underwent an open-heart surgery which was thankfully successful.

John P. Coale Earning, Salary, Income, & Net worth

John P. Coal earned a lucrative amount of money as a top-rated trial lawyer. His salary probably falls in a million taking into account the billion worth of cases he has handled so far. However, his current estimated net worth is still under review.

He alone makes a lot from his profession and when combined with his wife’s net worth of $35 million the duo becomes the richest couple.

Peeking through his well-maintained living standard it’s a certain fact that he lives a lavish life along with his family. Like his wife, he keeps track of the ongoing trends with the classy and modest look.