In the huge list of Hollywood actor and actresses, there are tons of people who has been excluded from the limelight of the Hollywood industry. But their contribution towards the industry is worth remember and worth sharing. In the contrary, Joseph Siravo is one the name who is famous in his field, however, he always love to sit behind the crowd. Born in the year 1957, February 12 in New York City, United States, he represents himself as film and stage actor. Though his involvement in the movies are very less but he is best remembered for his role in The Wild, The Sopranos and much more. Coming to this far, he has been excellent in his life, while Joseph Siravo bio can be taken as a sensational source of motivation factor for thousands of people.


Born and raised in New York, Joseph Siravo has the record of being interested in the limelight of stage from the very early age. Though he has been successful in hiding major early life events, he graduated from Stanford and New York University’s Graduate Acting Program in Tisch School of the Arts. Starting his career from the very young age, he has been excellent in both on-screen and on-stage. The Sopranos, The Wild, Carlito’s Way, Carlito Brigante, The Wannabe, Witness to the Mob, Blue Bloods, 16 Blocks, Gemini, Mad Forest, My Night with Reg, The Light in the Piazza, Conversations with My Father, The Boys from Syracuse etc are his excellent endeavors in both Broadway, off-Broadway and on-screen. Coming to this far, there is no proper record of his salary and net worth, but with all these years of his involvement, the source simply believes that Joseph Siravo net worth stands in million dollars.

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Coming towards Joseph Siravo marriage, divorce and dating history, Joseph has always been very romantic in his life. There should be several encounters with Women in his life, however, his past is a complete mystery. There is no proper information which can give the idea about his marital status. Looking at this age, he might have a very loving wife back in the home and might love to spend time with his children and grandchildren. But these things has been well excluded from Joseph Siravo bio.

Highlighting his utmost personality, Joseph Siravo height, age, and weight, there is no doubt that he is one of the classy men of the industry. Representing himself as one of the cool men of the industry, he looks very best in suit and tie. Besides, he serves himself as one of the handsome man and women were all around him just to peek Joseph Siravo shirtless pictures. Coming towards his age, he is running on his late fifties, however, his acting skills, enthusiasm, and motivation towards the same field is exemplary for the youths. Coming towards his figures, many of his inner information has been well hidden. But analyzing his appearances, we can assume that he might have the height of around 5 feet 9 inch and weight 62 kg. Besides, his body facts, he is best remembered for his cheerful smile and joyful nature for the life and his work.