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Keith Urban Splashes Big Cash for Wife Nicole Kidman

Published Wed Nov 29 2017 By Ojash Man Singh
Keith Urban Splashes Big Cash for Wife Nicole Kidman


In an ostentatious move by country music star Keith Urban, word on the New York City real estate market is that Keith splurged on a New York City Elegant Townhouse Mansion located in Upper East Side Block with a hefty price tag of $39 million for wife Nicole Kidman.

Reportedly, Urban splashed out the cash to surprise wife Kidman who wants to pursue her career in Broadway. The couple already owns a condo in lower Manhattan which is much smaller in size but equally hefty in the price tag.

The major details of the $39 million property as reported in Variety are:

  • The 25-foot-wide Beaux-Arts residence designed by architect Alexander Welch and completed in 1901.
  • Former famous owners include prominent corporate attorney Francis Lynde Stetson, former law partner of President Grover Cleveland, Russian-French painter Marc Chagall and later on by Michael Jackson.
  • Housing seven bedrooms, eight full and two half bathrooms plus a staff suite tucked in the basement.
  • An oak staircase, spacious kitchen, and an enclosed yard.
  • The opulent six-story residence weighs in at a suburban mansion-sized 12,745-square-feet.

NYC Townhouse mansion 

$39 million Townhouse Mansion, source: Variety

 In 2001, hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry picked up this property for a now bargain price of $11 million before selling it to Keith Urban for a staggering $28 million profit.

The location of the property is perfect for any aspiring Broadway actors as it is situated just a couple of miles away from New York’s theatre district.

  Living room of the mansion

Living room of the mansion, source: Variety

Oscar-winning actor and country music star already boasts a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio in prime locations in countries like Australia and United States.

In Sydney, the couple owns a penthouse as well as a 100-plus acre country spread outside of Sydney; a $4.75 million Beverly Hills enclave bought in 2008; a $3.47 million palatial mansion of more than 12,000-square-feet in a luxurious gated community in Nashville and the briefly aforementioned lower Manhattan’s West Chelsea condo with an automated car elevator bought in 2010 for a whopping price tag of more than $9.673 million.