In an ostentatious move by country music star Keith Urban, word on the New York City real estate market is that Keith splurged on a New York City Elegant Townhouse Mansion located in Upper East Side Block with a hefty price tag of $39 million for wife Nicole Kidman.

Reportedly, Urban splashed out the cash to surprise wife Kidman who wants to pursue her career in Broadway. The couple already owns a condo in lower Manhattan which is much smaller in size but equally hefty in the price tag.

The major details of the $39 million property as reported in Variety are:

  • The 25-foot-wide Beaux-Arts residence designed by architect Alexander Welch and completed in 1901.
  • Former famous owners include prominent corporate attorney Francis Lynde Stetson, former law partner of President Grover Cleveland, Russian-French painter Marc Chagall and later on by Michael Jackson.
  • Housing seven bedrooms, eight full and two half bathrooms plus a staff suite tucked in the basement.
  • An oak staircase, spacious kitchen, and an enclosed yard.
  • The opulent six-story residence weighs in at a suburban mansion-sized 12,745-square-feet.

NYC Townhouse mansion 

$39 million Townhouse Mansion, source: Variety

 In 2001, hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry picked up this property for a now bargain price of $11 million before selling it to Keith Urban for a staggering $28 million profit.

The location of the property is perfect for any aspiring Broadway actors as it is situated just a couple of miles away from New York’s theatre district.

  Living room of the mansion

Living room of the mansion, source: Variety

Oscar-winning actor and country music star already boasts a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio in prime locations in countries like Australia and United States.

In Sydney, the couple owns a penthouse as well as a 100-plus acre country spread outside of Sydney; a $4.75 million Beverly Hills enclave bought in 2008; a $3.47 million palatial mansion of more than 12,000-square-feet in a luxurious gated community in Nashville and the briefly aforementioned lower Manhattan’s West Chelsea condo with an automated car elevator bought in 2010 for a whopping price tag of more than $9.673 million.