Ian Alexander Jr. is the son of the former Vice President of Warner Bros, who is also a recording artist and ex-husband of Regina King, an American actress, and director. The duo tied the knot in 1997 but ended their marital relationship later 10 years. Despite the divorce, the former couple is Co-Parented their only son, Ian Alexander Jr. 

Today we are talking about Ian Alexander Jr.’s career, and net worth, so let’s pile up the available information on Ian Alexander to get all details.

Ian Alexander Sr. Net Worth, Income, Earning, Salary

As of 2019, Ian Alexander Jr. hasn’t revealed his net worth anywhere. As he keeps his personal life private. However, his mother’s net worth is reportedly around $10 million. 

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Scrolling through her Instagram, we have seen her wearing branded outfits and is often seen visiting different places.

As a star child, he surely is close to Hollywood but so far he hasn’t shared any plans for joining the industry. Moreover, no relationship facts have ever surfaced regarding the handsome Celebrity sun.

Furthermore, he has been low key about all the experience he went through at the time of his parent’s divorce. It surely should have been hard on Ian to see his happy family fall apart but as of now, he is seen in events with his mother which shows that he shares a pretty good moment with his mother. She is a dog person and has a dog.

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Ian Alexander Sr. Singing Career

As Alexander had a short and moderately famous acting career which includes roles in Masters of Horror, Animal Miracles, Chris Isaak show, and others.

Well, talking about Ian’s father, he in recent days is totally off screens and out of the limelight. People assume that he left the entertainment in industry after his tragic divorce.

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As Ian Alexander is also not much active on social media. Further, there are many celebs who keep their personal life privet just to stay away from rumor and controversy, Ian Alexander Sr. seems to be among those. 

Ian Alexander Sr and Regina King’s failed relationship

Ian Alexander Sr is the former VP of Warner Bros, is famous as a recording artist who got married to American actress Regina King. The duo tied got married in 1997 but ended their marital relationship later 10 years.

Ian Alexander Sr. was accused of cheating on his wife, Regina Rene King, an American actress, and television director The former couple separated with a divorce after Ian faced cheating alligations from Regina’s side.

Despite the divorce, the two co-parented their only son, Ian Alexander Jr who has grown into a tall dark-and fairly handsome gentleman. Further, he is frequently seen in several red-carpet events along with his loving single mother. Moreover, Ian in 2019’s golden globes awards in a red carpet event said his mother was a supermom which shows how well the strong mother of a young adult has raised her son.

Apart from that, Regina is frequently asked questions about parenting a child as a single mother and she is seen jokingly revealing her hardships and fun moments raising her son in absence of Ian Sr.