Mother is only the person who shows right path and always support their children in both good and bad situations. Likewise, Faye Chrisley, the mother of famous real estate businessman Todd Chrisley, encouraged her son in every situation.


Everyone knows her character as the mother of Chrisley in the show Chrisley Knows Best, but you may not know the real life of Faye Chrisley. If you are interested, then keep scrolling down to know her personal life and also all about her family relationships.

Faye Chrisley Personal Life

Faye Chrisley was married to Gene Raymond Chrisley, but the exact date of their marriage is still unknown. The couple has two sons Todd Chrisley and Randy Chrisley.

She raised her sons in Westminster. Her husband Gene Raymond died on July 11, 2012. After her husband’s death, she is living with her son and family. There are 11 members of her family including her friend and a dog.

[ CAPTION: Faye Chrisley ][ SOURCE: USA Network ]

As she works in a big reality show, she earns very good income. Besides her reel life, she is also very popular and a loved person in the real world. She lost her home in 2014 at the time of the financial losses faced by her son, Todd.

[ CAPTION: Faye Chrisley ][ SOURCE: USA Network ]

In a court document seen by a tabloid source, Todd Chrisley’s ex-wife Teresa Terry accused him of beating his own mother. But, the accusations were falsified later. Generally speaking, the nanny of Chrisley Knows Best, is living quite a nice life with Todd and his other son.

[ CAPTION: Faye’s son ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Chrisley Knows Best

In the reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, the mother of Todd is playing the role of a nanny to her grandchildren. Despite her old age, she is seen to be an energetic lady on the set. A good heart with a sharp sense of humor, Todd’s mother, is such a troublemaker.

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She is also a serious gambler with what is said to be a rebellious edge. She has been seen in almost all season. Even at the old age, she has a great passion for doing good acting and handling each and every moment very nicely.

[ CAPTION: Faye with her family member ][ SOURCE: Wetpaint ]

All in all, the mother of Todd Chrisley, Faye has been living with her children and grandchildren for most of her lifetime.

To summarize, Faye is a wonderful grandmother of 5 children with one of his son in the real-estate business and the other battling incurable cancer. One should have a powerful heart to bear it all, don’t they?