Kristen Balboni is an American journalist, widely known for hosting on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show and co-host of FOX Sports’s daily social media series @TheBuzzer.

Early Life & Education

Balboni was born on 1989 to Sylvia and Bobby Balboni in the United States of America. She has two older brothers named Jared and Evan Rivas. Her father and brothers are avid sports fans, and their enthusiasm rubbed off on her. The influence turned her into a third-generation Red Sox fan, “My Dad worried that he was setting me up for a world of heartbreak,” she says.

She attended UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated from there with a degree in Journalism in 2011. Lorna Martin, her Pinecrest English teacher, and Professor John Sweeney, at UNC-Chapel Hill, fostered her interest in sports and media and inspired her to enter UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism.

Balboni interned with the Stats & Information Group at ESPN the summer before her senior year, and returned in a full-time capacity after her graduation from college.


In 2010, deputies from ESPN spoke in one of Sweeney’s classes and held an evening information session, where Balboni attended both. The recruiters considered data and news department, a researching aspect of knowledge that appeared to “fit” her.

“I’ve always loved to talk,” she says. “When I was younger, my dad used to say, ‘If you want to talk about it, you need to know what you’re talking about,'” so she has been studying sports for pleasure ever since.

Balboni proposed the ESPN agents with questions and in return received and offer to email in her resume. Shortly after, she earned a long string of sports quizzes, an interview, and a 2010 summer internship.

During her 2011 superior year, she was allowed a job with ESPN. “And I had thought it was a pipe dream,” she says. She joined ESPN in June 2011, where she quickly advanced to a multifaceted role on Mike & Mike, which airs weekdays from 6-10 AM ET on ESPN2 and ESPN Radio. She was seen in segments such as “Next Question” as well as various social media segments on Mike & Mike.

Kristen Balboni on the ESPN studio
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She was also a fancy football analyst and a host of ESPN Fantasy Sports’ “Strength in Numbers” on and hosted a weekly podcast called “Behind the Mikes” on

In addition to her on-air roles at ESPN, she was responsible for all of the research on Mike & Mike and had a prominent role in content production on both the television and radio sides.

FOX Sports

Kristen Balboni is currently co-hosting of FOX Sports’ daily social media series @TheBuzzer and contributes to FS1 programing. Being a host of FOX Sports, Balboni reports breaking news and hot topics across sports. With a casual attitude and witty commentary, Balboni creates content designed to be shared across social media to reach FOX Sports’ younger audiences who consume sports news across multiple platforms.

Kristen Balboni on the FOX Sports studio

Personal Life

Kristen Balboni, Pinehurst, N.C -native,  developed a keen interest in sports since her youth and her favorite teams are the Red Sox, Panthers, and Tar Heels. Besides that, she enjoys cooking, reading, hanging out with friends and shopping.

Kristen Balboni with Grossman Adam RedSox
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Her producer, Liam Chapman told her on her first day on the show that everyone had a nickname, and he could not tell her Kristen, so “Balbiz” ultimately stuck.

According to her social profile, Kristen Balboni is not yet married. The close friend of rapper Snoop Dogg has not left any record of her past boyfriend, affair or romantic relationship. As of now, Balboni’s relationship status is yet unknown to us.

Net Worth

Being a well-known media personality, she is active on social networking sites, where she has a huge fan following like Instagram and Twitter. In her account, she often posted her snap. She surely earns an attractive salary from her journalism career. However, she has not revealed her estimated net worth on social sites.