An American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur, Larry Page is the co-founder of Google along with Sergey Brin.


Larry married his long-term girlfriend, Lucinda Southworth in 2007 and welcomed two children. To know more about her personal life, marriage, married life, children, spouse, net worth, career, lifestyle, salary, keep scrolling

Larry Page Early life and Education

Larry was born as Lawrence Edward Page on 26th March 1973 in Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A. His both parents, father, Carl Victor Page, Sr., and mother, Gloria Page, are computer science professor and he was raised up in a house full of computers and technology magazines. Page also has a brother, Carl Victory Page, Jr., and sister, Beverly Page.

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After completing graduation from East Lansing High School in 1991, he pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan with honors. Later, he earned his Master of Science in computer science from the Stanford University and enroll at the Stanford University in order to complete his Ph.D. program in computer science.

While attending Stanford, he met his fellow researcher Sergey Brin and together they built a search engine called “BackRub” in 1996, and was operated on Stanford servers for several months as well.  

Larry Page Career

In 1998, BackRub was renamed as Google and officially incorporated as a company. Afterward, Page and Brin became the presidents of products and technology and Eric Schmidt as the CEO in 2001. Later, in 2005, Google Maps, Blogger Mobile, Google Reader, IGoogle were released which was a productive year for the Google Inc.   

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Moreover, Google has also launched Google different sites such as Google Earth, Google Health, personal health information centralization service, etc. In the year 2009, Picasa for Mac was also launched which was followed by Google Latitude and the new version of Google Earth. Page is also an investor in Tesla Motors and has invested in renewable energy technology.

Larry Page Awards and Achievements

Larry has earned wide recognition and fame for his outstanding work and his prestigious work earned him several honors and awards.

  • In 2002, Larry Page was named as a World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow along with Brin.
  • Received the Communication Award from King Felipe at the Princess of Asturias Awards on behalf of Google, in 2008.
  • In 2014, Fortune magazine named him as the Businessperson of the Year and declare him the world’s most daring CEO.
  • In 2015, Forbes named him number one in America’s Most Popular Chief Executives
  • In 2017, Larry was awarded honorary citizenship of Agrigento, Italy.
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Moreover, Larry Page was also awarded Outstanding Search Service, Best Image Search Engine, Best Design, Most Webmaster Friendly Search Engine, and also the Best Search Feature at the Search Engine Watch Awards.

Larry Page Personal life

Larry married to his long-term girlfriend, Lucinda Southworth, a research scientist, on Necker Island, in 2007. Lucinda is the sister of actress and model, Carrie Southworth. Larry and Lucinda welcomed their first child in 2009 and second child in 2011.  

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Page and Lucinda are happily married and there is no any issues and problems in their relationship till date. According to his Google+ profile, he states that his right vocal cord is paralyzed due to cold, in 2013, and his left cord was already paralyzed in 1999 and is suffering from a vocal cord issue for 19 years.  

Larry has also opened the Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund which is a Page’s family foundation. According to several sources, it is found out that it holds more than billion dollars assets. At the end of 2013, Larry mentioned in his Google+ account that he and his wife donate $15 million to aid the effort against the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.  

Larry Page Net worth

Larry Page earns a tremendous sum of money in his career and his main source of Income is Google Inc.  After he creates the Google Search engine, at the age of 31 he crossed $1 Billion. His Alphabet Inc. Google earns around $90.27 billion in 2016. He owns $12.7 million property in Palo Alto Estate, California, and $45 million Sense Yacht in 2011.

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Moreover, Page also owns a million dollar house in Silicon Valley, Porsche 918 Spyder Price cost $845,000, $33 million Boeing 767-200. Allocating information from several sources it is found out that his current net worth as per 2018 is around $48.5 Billion