Lea Gabrielle, a well-known personality in journalism, was born in 1975 in Virginia, United State of America. She had also worked for United States Navy as a fighter pilot of F/A-18 “Hornet” for twelve years before she stepped in journalism. She had many responsibilities during her days in U.S Navy such as Landing signals officers, public affair officer.

Currently, she works as a journalist and correspondent in the Fox News Channel and at the same time she is a general-assignment reporter in Shepard Smith Reporting. She has a versatile personality with a great interest in Aviation world. Everyone was amazed when Gabrielle reported news of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappearance like Boeing 777 captain. She has detailed knowledge of various air crafts.


Gabrielle did her schooling from Mount Vernon High school, Virginia. During her school days, she had a keen interest in science, as a result, she reached final of Westinghouse Science Talent Search. She graduated from United States Naval Academy with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering in 1997.

After graduating as a mechanical engineer Gabrielle joined Navy Flight school named Naval Air station in Florida, from where she came out as a commercial pilot had worked with a Navy SEAL  unit in Afghanistan where intelligence operations were conducted. She also has an experience of working as a defense foreign liaison officer.


Rise to Mainstream

After serving as Navy for more than a decade, she joined New York Film Academy in 2009 and received a digital journalism certificate. During her journalism career, she worked as a digital journalist for various well-known news center, including NBC News. She worked as a writer, editor, and packages producer for NBC Nightly News and websites. She carried out the interview for the white house with various diplomats and political correspondents including the president, GOP presidential nominees and the first female governor in Afghanistan.

She joined KNSD-TV(NBC 7) in September 2011 and became a military reporter after she moved to San Diego, California. Currently, she is working for Fox News Channel in New York City where she started to work in December 2013.

Personal Life

Although having an attractive career, Gabrielle seems to have a problem in family life. She divorced her ex-husband Greg Sutton who is system Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University but there is no any information about his current affairs and children. More than Seventeen thousand followers are following her on twitter. Although her fans want to know more about her personal life, she seems to have remained silence about personal life.

Currently, she might have been dating some known figure. Gabrielle, who has a successful career as a news reporter, has not disclosed her earnings and salaries. Having hourglass shape body, Gabrielle looks gorgeous in a bikini and can turn down any man. 67 kg Gabrielle’s height might be around 6 feet whereas dress size 8 fits her well. News reporters who also had worked as U.S. Navy have maintained her body physique well and look young even at the age of 40.