Lele Pons, a famous personality on the internet, has had the media go berserk with her rumor of kissing her boyfriend, Juanpa Zurita. Is it just a rumor or a real deal for her fans?


Although her fans are not sure if she is in a relationship, she seems to be pretty close to Juanpa. Hang on with us as we reveal the real relationship and rumors of Lele Pons kissing Juanpa Zurita.

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Did Lele Pons Really Kiss Juanpa Zurita?

This is not the first time that Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita were rumored to be dating. As Lele and Juanpa were seen mostly together. Again, the post on the Instagram of Lele Pons kissing Juanpa Zurita shocked their fans and followers. 

[ CAPTION: Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita kissing scene ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

A picture of Lele Pons kissing Juanpa Zurita romantically was seen on her Instagram account. In the backstage of the same show, Lele again posted a photo of them together. All of this stirred up so many rumors of them being together. However, the question for them being together is still unanswered. 

[ CAPTION: Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Lela Pons and Juanpa Real Relationship?

Let’s begin her relationship with Juanpa Zurita. Actually, Lele was frequently questioned about her relationship with her fans. Although she was seen mostly with Juanpa hanging out and going out on vacation together. 

[ CAPTION: Lele Pons with boyfriend Juanpa Zurita ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Lele once told that they were not in a relationship. She also told them that their relationship status may change in the future. However, it still is unsure what their relationship is? Friends with benefit, maybe?

Lela pons Past Affairs, Dating, Boyfriend, Relationship

The YouTube star is seen to have a total of 2 relationships so far and both of them are not confirmed by any of the sources. We have already talked about the relationship Juanpa and Lele have, of which we are still unsure of.

[ CAPTION: Lele Pons with King Bach ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Besides him, she was romantically linked to the American Actor King Bach in 2016. One of the tabloid sources has it that they are still dating but their relationship is also not known to the public.

All in all, we only know that the internet star is living a mysterious life. She has not shown any details of her being in a relationship with anyone. For that, she deserves a pat on her back, doesn’t she?

But, all of her fans want to know whether she is in a romantic relationship or not. For the sake of your male fans, wouldn’t you ever reveal your relationship status, Ms. Lele Pons?