When it comes to the acting sector, there are a list of celebrities who are working hard day and night to produce something marvelous and remarkable. Some of them manage to come in the limelight of the industry, while some of them just sit beside the off-screen and simply be fantastic. In the contrary, Lev Gorn is one of the sensational name, whose presence on the stage, film and television is remarkable and worth remembering. Born in the year 1971 in Stavropol, USSR, he represents himself as a Russian-American stage, film and television actor. Lev is best reckon for his roles as Ivan in Sucker Punch, Syrian Sal in Nicky’s Game, Blake Whitney in Manhattanites and much more. Coming to this far, he has been very successful while Lev success can be encountered with the help of his financial figures.


Born and raised in Russia, Lev Gorn has chosen to hide most of his early childhood memories from the media. Being enthusiastic and very keen in the entertainment industry from the very early age, he graduated from Alma University. Starting his career from guest starring in a number of shows, stage performance, and movies. He has given a number of successful endeavors in his life.

Sucker Punch, Keane, Nicky’s Game, Padre Nyestro, Blades of Glory, The Funeral Party, Law & Order, The Wire, Third Watch, All My Children, As the World Turns, Street Fighter, Bored to Death, The Americans, Trenches etc are his successful endeavors in Broadway, movies, TV series and stage performance. Standing tall and still in this phase, there is no proper account of his salary and net worth. However, the source simply states that Lev Gorn net worth has already exceeded couple of million dollars.

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Coming towards Lev Gorn marriage, wife and relationship status, it is one of the fact that he has dated number of women in the past. However, his past information is well hidden from Lev Gorn bio. There is no past information about him which indicates his relationship status, while he has not been linked with any women in the present time too. Having shy nature and loving to keep the thing in silence, Lev Gorn marriage news is not available on the internet. With this statement, it’s pretty hard to say anything about his marriage life and divorce phase. Similarly, Lev Gorn children news is also well hidden from the media.

Accounting Lev Gorn height, weight, age and his utmost personality, there is no doubt that Lev has excellent personality in both on-screen and off-screen. Being one of the style icons of the industry, Lev shirtless pictures help to crash the internet time to time. Being followed by huge numbers in his social accounts, Lev is also famous for his cheerful behavior, humble character, and joyful personality. Besides, Lev Gorn height is unknown due to his private keeping policy. However, analyzing his body structure, he might stand the height of around 6 feet 2 inch and might weight around 65 kg. Considering his age, he is running on his late forties but due to his healthy living habit, he is kind of very far away from aging.