Meleasa Houghton's Ex-husband Israel Houghton's Net worth, Know his career and Awards

August 6, 2018
First published on:December 12, 2017
by roshan

Meleasa Houghton got separated from her longtime husband Israel Houghton. With all the fuss in the media, did they have any filed cases? To be exact, how much do you think, she bagged for the divorce settlement case?


How much does the ex-husband of Meleasa Houghton earn? What is his source of income? In what things does he spend? Is he a millionaire at the least? Keep reading and let the curtains fold.

Meleasa Houghton’s ex-husband Israel Houghton’s Net Worth

The ex-husband of Meleasa Houghton has a total net worth of $8 million as obtained by several tabloid sources. The 6 time Grammys winner seems to be living quite a lavish life after getting married to the singer cum TV Host, Adrienne Bailon.

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[ CAPTION: Israel and Adrienne Houghton in Paris ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

According to the US Law, any divorcee gets a total of 50% of their partner’s property in case of divorce. So, with truth undisclosed, it seems that Meleasa got half of what Israel had. She may now have a total of $8 million in her bag since she got half of Israel’s property. 

[ CAPTION: Israel and Meleasa Houghton ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The singer is actively engaged in all of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In his Instagram posts, the singer has posted several high profile photos with cars and holidays worth millions of dollars.

Israel got married to Adrienne in Paris a year ago if we remember. You got to have a lot of cash to wed in the global center of fashion and art. With all the decorations, dinner cruise and music, their wedding is one of the most celebrated and expensive weddings of the gospel singers. 

[ CAPTION: Wedding at Paris ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The singers had a house in Texas, but it has come into news that the banks wanted them out of the house ASAP. The reason? They had a $90K debt. The court papers had it that the singer had to pay a total of $608,654.17 to the bank.

[ CAPTION: Israel and Adrienne Houghton’s house ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Recently, the singer gifted his 16 years old son, a Unique Special Edition Jeep. A normal jeep wrangler has a cost of $24K to $38K and a special edition at that definitely costs more. So we will just have to assume, he has quite a thick wallet. 

[ CAPTION: Special Edition Jeep ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Meleasa Houghton’s ex-husband Israel Houghton’s Awards

Israel Houghton has had a total of 16 nominations in the Grammys. He has won a total of 6 Grammys with most awards for the Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. The singer cum songwriter has also been nominated for the Stellar Awards 19 times but, has only won two for the song Live from Another Level.

Besides that, the gospel singer has also been nominated for more than 20 times in the GMA Dove Awards. But, he has become able to win 11 awards in total. His latest awards came for the song Duets sung with Donnie McClurkin, Asaph A. Ward, Aaron W. Lindsey, Trent Phillips, and Justin Savage.

It looks like the divorcer of Meleasa Houghton is living quite a fulfilled life with his new wife Adrienne Bailon. Melissa's life is not that open to the public so her net worth is not that clear to us. Just hope that she is living fully.

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