Quick Facts Mirtha Jung

  • NameMirtha Jung
  • Birth NameKristina Sunshine Jung
  • Birth month12
  • MarriedYes
  • Married toGeorge Jung, Ronda Clay Spinello Jung
  • ChildrenKristina Jung
  • DivorceYes

Mirtha Jung has a challenging life story about herself to be said to the world. From the day Jung got married to the day she got herself engaged with drugs, Mirtha has made intriguing applause in the industry. 

Mirtha Jung is a person full of complications. The story of Jung starts from the day she got involved herself in smuggling and to the times she got herself to marry a drug dealer. However, Mirtha rose to fame after her and George Jung’ s biopic movie named “Blow“. Stay tuned to know more about her life and her smuggling days.

Mirtha Jung Net worth and Salary

Mirtha Jung came into the limelight after her life story was made into a biopic movie which was entitled as “Blow” in the year 2001. Regarding Jung’s net worth, she has worked in association with her former husband, George Jung. However, there is a few information available in the industry about Jung’s major career and the source of income. 

CAPTION: Mirtha Jung

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The exact figure of Mirtha’s net worth as of 2019, is not revealed to the media and is still confined. Nevertheless, the current net worth of her daughter Kristina Jung is estimated to be around $150k. Currently, Kristina is working as a former member of the Medellin Cartel.

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Though Mirtha Jung collected some amount from her biopic movie “Blow“, the sources have revealed that both Mirtha and her ex-husband George made over $100 million from smuggling. According to the online sources, she is living a happy life.

Mirtha Jung Personal Life, Married, Children, Divorce

In 1977, Mirtha Jung and George Jung tied the knot with the oath of staying together. The pair were in love with each other but the things didn’t work out well in between them which resulted in their divorce in 1984, ending their 7 years of marriage. The reports mentioned that the cause of their breakup was her former husband George’s intimate relationship with his daughter.

CAPTION: Mirtha Jung’s ex-husband George and daughter

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But the truth is still not revealed. After their divorce, George moved on and married Ronda Clay Spinello Jung. In an interview, Mirtha said that George is the only man she ever loved and thus did not marry after her divorce.

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Mirtha and George shared a daughter solely named Kristina Jung. Both mother and daughter now stay away from drugs and Mirtha have stood forward to not repeat the parental mistake again. Therefore, Mirtha is totally away from the mainstream of the drug world.

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Mirtha Jung Early Life, Wiki, Education

Mirtha Calderon, famously recognized as Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of the drug dealer George Jung. Mirtha has not revealed much about her education and early life but she celebrates her birthday every 3rd December.

CAPTION: Mirtha Jung
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Jung is the mother of a beautiful child named Kristina Sunshine Jung. Jung was known to be an addict who used drugs during pregnancy and even after the birth of her daughter. But after her divorce with husband George Jung, she managed to leave drugs and live a happy life with her daughter.

Mirtha Jung Career

Mirtha Jung is professionally an acclaimed poet, entrepreneur, and writer. Jung rose to fame following the release of her first crime film “Blow” in the year 2001. The movie was basically about her cocaine smuggler ex-husband George Jung.

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In the movie, Mirtha played the role of a Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz and the famous actor Jhonny Depp played the character of George. Mirtha was involved in drug-related activities with her ex-husband and was imprisoned for three years and was released in 1981. Since then Jung is leading a normal life.